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Kingdom is a mind blowing artist who is best known for his work as a DJ and as a producer. He is an outstanding American artist who has worked with many renowned artists all over the world and has had his name found in many artists songs as a collaborator and as a featured artist. He has risen to popularity in the past few years and is widely regarded as an excellent emerging artist in his genre. Kingdom is also known for his truly exciting live performances; he goes regularly on tour and plays live music at many venues all over the world. Not only is he a popular artist in the US, having played at many popular venues, but Kingdom is also renowned in many parts of the world such as Europe and regularly goes on tour in these parts of the world. Thus, this fabulous American artist gone international is the perfect choice for an evening filled with fun, dance and the very best American music, all possible through Kingdom tickets.

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About Kingdom

Kingdom is an artist who is based in the Brooklyn area within the greatest city in America and in the entire world, New York City. This Brooklyn hailing DJ has released sensational pieces of music, been part of amazing groups, collaborated with spectacular artists and performed live at numerous venues all over the world. Kingdom began his career back in 2006 and gradually rose to fame. Today, he is staple artist in the world of DJs and many DJs have his songs permanently placed on their playlists. Thousands have rocked to his beats and his groovy tunes, and thousands more have heard his songs and been greatly pleased by them.

This awesome Brooklyn DJ’s first single as a solo artist came out back in 2010. This sensational single was truly a work of art and was a collaboration with yet another renowned name in New York City, Shyvonne. Shyvonne collaborated with Kingdom on his first single Mind Reader that was released through the record label, Fool’s Gold back in 2010. This song was a massive hit and quickly became a popular single, receiving a lot of airplay as well as being played by DJs all over the world. Kingdom himself has been involved in music for far longer than that. He was one of the artists who was part of Night Slugs, a group that was made by Bok Bok and Lvis and debuted with this group back in Europe when the group performed their second performance at a club.

Before his work with the amazing music collective, Night Slugs, Kingdom had also pursued an exciting solo career. He released his first mixtape back in 2006 and it was this sensational mixtape that attracted the attention of the newly formed Night Slugs. The Night Slugs then recruited this young artist and he joined the group. His first mixtape was an incredible piece of music that fused a number of genres that included touches from grime, US club music, crunk and house. On top of all this, Kingdom mashed in his sound adaptations of R&B vocal pieces.

was also a huge presence in Night Slugs. In the first ever EP released by Night Slugs, an EP titled as That Mystic, Kingdom contributed a huge number of tracks, five different awesome songs, that had a very unique and out of this world sound that truly moved everyone who listened to them. His music had a very unique digital and new age touch that made him part of a new group of emerging American artists. In fact, he is now widely hailed as being part of completely new generation of American producers in the bass genre.

Kingdom is still a part of the Night Slugs and currently hard at work on their new releases as well as focusing on his own personal career. His also owns his very own imprint, the Fade to Mind Imprint. This New York City producer also recently released a smashing new single that is inspired by the garage scene that was hip back in the 90s. Kingdom also has a number of shows planned at many cities in the US as well as upcoming shows over in the UK and Ireland. Thus, for a spectacular night filled with the very best dance and music, simply get hold of Kingdom tickets.

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