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Religious music and musicians provide a place for many people to find peace, serenity and spiritual comfort. Apart from the religious aspects, these musicians also form a great source of music and arts and are appreciated by critics for their skills and creativity. One of the exhibitions of this creativity at its best is Harlem Gospel Choir Sunday Brunch.

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About Harlem Gospel Choir Sunday Brunch

Based in Harlem, New York, American gospel choir named Harlem Gospel Choir was founded in 1986. It is one of the most renowned gospel choirs of the United States. The formation of this gospel choir took place at a special date, i.e. the birthday of legendary Martin Luther King, Jr. on January 15. Harlem Gospel Choir was founded by Allen Bailey.
65 members form the group and the members have a wide variation in age. The average age range in the group is from 17 to 70 years, making it an interesting and unique gospel choir of its kind. The group has always been an international fame and has travelled extensively across the globe, exhibiting their musical skills in different nations. According to an estimate based on the Harlem Gospel Choir’s own travel log, the group has travelled more than two million miles from the time of its inception.
Harlem Gospel Choir has a well organized configuration of its sub groups and different groups and subgroups are assigned their particular jobs. The old touring arm or the sub group that is supposed to travel across the world for the representation of the Harlem Gospel Choir is named as The Angels. Various celebrities have acknowledged their performance over different print and electronic media. The group has also performed over the television various times and has appeared on renowned television programs. Some of the notable appearances by Harlem Gospel Choir include Top Chef: New York, Good Morning America and The Colbert Report. The choir has also performed in association with other musicians and these performances have been critically acclaimed. Among the famous names that Harlem Gospel Choir has performed with are included Danny Glover, The Chieftains, Whoopi Goldberg, Diana Ross, the Dixie Hummingbirds, Harry Belafonte, Lyle Lovett, Jimmy Cliff, Bono, U2, Lisa Marie Presley, Razor Light, Simple Minds, The Gorillas, The Scissor Sisters, Robin Gibb, Red Hurley, Live, John Legend, Friendly Fires, Lexie Stobi, Gil Scott Heron, Jessica Simpson, Josh Groban and Andre Rieu and his Johan Strauss Orchestra.
The group has performed on various international locations, including countries like Australia, China, New Zealand, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Lativa, Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Morocco and Slovakia. Generally while on a tour, the band performs only with two musicians and nine singers, instead of their regular 40 member band. The band has also performed especially for international celebrities of a stature as high as Paul McCartney, Pope John Paul II, Sir Elton John, Nelson Mandela and Pope Benedict XVI.
An especially famous performance by Harlem Gospel Choir is Sunday Brunch, a performance at BB King Blues Club, New York. The performance takes place every Sunday in morning time at the club, and has been attracting huge crowds of gospel music fans recently. As a part of Harlem Gospel Choir Sunday Brunch program, the group has also featured appearances at different elementary schools and Children’s Museum of Manhattan, especially during the Black History Month.
For people who appreciate good gospel music and musicians, Harlem Gospel Choir Sunday Brunch Tickets offer a unique and prized opportunity to witness some of the greatest music of this genre being produced, and a great source of serenity and peace for their souls in the modern world!

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