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Music concerts are a vital part of the American way of entertainment. These "shows" or "gigs", as they are named informally may be delivered by a single musician or by a choir, an orchestra or a musical band. The venues or settings of these events are normally entertainment centers, dedicated concert halls, barns, houses or even sports stadiums. Recorded music arrived later - it was a concert only where an individual would have the opportunity to hear musicians play. With the passage of time, trends have changed. Something extra is needed to pull the crowds. Now we have touring music festivals as well to keep the music lovers enthralled. The Vans Warped Tour is a touring festival which contributes something in this direction. Maybe you need to book cheap Vans Warped Tour Tickets!

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About Vans Warped Tour

The Vans Warped Tour held at sites like fields or parking lots with erected stages and associated structures offers a different dimension in music entertainment to the fans. Not just music, the tour presents numerous attractions to the fun-lovers. This includes a half pipe for bikers and skaters besides featuring many booths where bands can sell their stocks, magazine publishers, independent record labels and sponsors aspiring to promote their products to the audience. The usual custom amongst the band members is to return to their tents after performing where they meet fans and sign autographs.

The creator of the Vans Warped Tour was Kevin Lyman who conceived the idea in 1994 while being associated with skateboarding shows like Holiday Havoc and the Vision Skate Escape that combined skateboarding competitions with music. It is from the short-lived Warp Magazine that the name Warped evolved. The magazine covered skateboarding, music, snowboarding and surfing.

The tour has been sponsored by the BMX/skateboarding shoe manufacturer Vans every year since 1995. The festival leaned on punk rock music initially, but afterwards ventured into a diversity of genres with different line-ups offering their forte. The Vans Warped Tour has presented as many as 100 bands per show since the mid-2000s. The time taken by bands to play is 30 minutes over 10 stages approximately. The big bands however play the two main stages in general. Bands usually commence playing at 11:00 a.m. winding up by 9:00 p.m. A number of bands play at the same time.

To ascertain that a band's music is not disrupting the performances of other bands, the stages are erected in various locations around the venue. Fans have the option to vote online for the band they prefer to play for extended periods which is normally given a slot in the last phase of the night. The Vans Warped Tour incorporated pop punk, metalcore and post-hardcore acts compared to skate punk routines in its early phases. Exceptions still persist today with some street punk and hardcore bands like Anti-Flag, the Unseen and the Casualties that play in the festival.

The festival went global in 1998 with venues in the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan and Canada. Then in 1999, the tour initiated in Australia and New Zealand as well in the New Year. United States was covered again for the northern hemisphere summer and then the show winded up in Europe. The tour started the Warped Eco Initiative (WEI) in 2006. A solar stage run exclusively from solar energy is also part of the tour and can host 8-10 performers per show. The catering on the warped takes up washable silverware and dishes. Kids are given incentives of free prizes if they volunteer to help recycle. The bands played 30 minutes across two stages but with 2009, the two main stages were merged into one with the bands playing 40 minute sets.

Given a chance, would you miss seeing some of the most promising bands playing at one venue? Do think about Vans Warped Tour Tickets!

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