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Coming this spring to Uncasville’s Mohegan Sun Arena is a line-up that sings rock the hard way. Van Halen Uncasville is a show that is bound to shake Connecticut with the legendary Edwards Van Halen and the band. The pioneers of a new age of rock and roll this rock outfit of the seventies spelled out pure fun. Their signature long hair, onstage guitar smashing and the most unique and powerful riffs, took mainstream rock by storm.
Over time, the band’s line-up with the Van Halens, Edward, Wolfganfg and Alex remained steadfast. Solo rock acts David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar, came to Van Halen, their music as a team was an iconic produce of the time. With these names coming back to the band stand, Van Halen Uncasville tickets bring the band in its hottest live attire ever.

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Van Halen Uncasville tickets 2012 are this year’s mega treat for rock fans. After a long search of a Van Halen tour are in time to join the band in a nation wide tour. Van Halen Uncasville is anticipated to be a show that will super excite senses and largely reward audiences. Van Halen is unanimously regarded as one of the best live bands in the history of the genre. Van Halen Uncasville tickets are a pass to an unforgettable live experience of the band and its timeless rock. Van Halen Van Halen Uncasville tickets 2012 bring a concert tour that must not be missed. Cheap Van Halen Uncasville tickets are also available. Check them out before it is too late.