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The fame that started off from being a teen idol in the mid fifties continues to date with Paul Anka earning a star on the Canada’s Walk of Fame. The artist apart from being an incredible singer is a songwriter, recording artist and a music businessman as well. The genres of pop, soft rock and jazz have reached great heights with Anka’s phenomenal contributions for over five decades now. The artist at the age of seventy still comes up with fresh melodies and unique beats loved by the masses worldwide.

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About Paul Anka

Paul Anka ruled the era of fifties and sixties with hit singles such as ‘Put Your Head on My Shoulder’, ‘Lonely Boy’ and ‘Diana’. This gave him a push in the music industry to write the lyrics for Frank Sinatra’s signature song ‘My Way’ and Tom Jones’s biggest hits ‘She’s a lady’. Anka has also hit the Italian market with hit songs such as ‘Dovi Sei’ and ‘Ogni Volta’ among a list of others. From the fifties to date the artist has come up with a set of hit tracks in different languages in every era. He has been appreciated by audiences belonging to different generations and the initial essence of his tremendous performances still remains.

Paul Anka is ready to conduct a rocking performance live once again! Paul Anka tickets will treat you to his hit songs and you can enjoy hearing them live in an awesome ambience.

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