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Nickelback is a post-grunge rock band from Canada, which was formed by Chad Kroeger in 1995. The band has been a huge commercial success, having sold more than 50 million albums worldwide. Their popularity can be easily judged from their high rankings and relentless live concerts. If you are ready to experience their phenomenal performance, grab Nickelback Holmdel tickets today.

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In the nineties, Nickelback released two albums, the “Hersher” and “Curb” which did not get them commercial success. However, when they released their album “The State” in January 2000, the band achieved mainstream success. After the release of the album, Nickelback toured frequently and performed at more than 200 shows. The band’s subsequent album “Silver Side Up” also gained attention of the masses and became a hit. Their album “No Fixed Address” was released in November, 2014, via Republic Records. It features the radio friendly song “What Are You Waitng For?” and the also the politically inclined “Edge of a Revolution”.


The concert experience

Nickelback have been touring and recording songs without showing any signs of slowing down. Their fans have been growing in number, owing to their impressive live performances. They energy is infectious. If you want to enjoy the lively atmosphere at their concerts be sure to get the tickets in time. Watch them perform old and new numbers.