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You know you cannot miss a concert when the band performing is compared to the Beatles. Their record sales in the U.S. are second only to legendary British pop band. Their songs have made it to the list of the ‘Greatest Rock Songs of All Time’. If you guessed Nickelback then you deserve a pat on the back.

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About Nickelback Burgettstown Tickets


Talented Lineup

This Canadian band has in little over two decades, changed the course of music with their groundbreaking sound and raw energy. The lineup of the band is made up of Chad Kroeger on the vocals and guitars, Mike Kroeger on the bass, Ryan Peake on the keyboards, guitar and backing vocals and Danial Aldair on the drums.


A Breath of Fresh Air

Since forming in 1995, Nickelback has sold more than 50 million albums all over the world, making them the all-time number one band in Canada. Over all, their numbers place them on number 11 in the world. The band achieved their breakthrough through their song This is How You Remind Me which became an anthem for the youth. The song was given the title of the bestselling rock song of the last ten years by critics. Some of the other hit songs from the band include such well known tracks as Photograph, Rockstar, Far Away and Someday.


No Signs of Stopping

With the release of their eighth studio album in the last two decades, the band shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Judging by the popularity of their songs, the fans also can’t seem to get enough of this Canadian rock band. Now you too can become a fan of this talented act; buy Nickelback Burgettstown tickets and treat yourself to an unforgettable night.