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One of the best-selling bands of all time, the British-American rock ensemble Fleetwood Mac has never failed to amaze the crowd with their spectacular music and live shows. Formed in 1967, the band's initial popularity came from their first super hit single, Albatross. Although the band met reasonable success, their 11th album, "Rumours", released in 1977, proved to be the biggest breakthrough in their career. Producing four U.S. top 10 tracks, the album clinched number one spot on the American Albums chart and remained there for over thirty weeks. Not only this, the album peaked at number one in many countries all over the world. "Rumours" not only remains Fleetwood Mac's most commercially successful album to date but also the sixth-highest selling album of all time. Some other famous albums by the band include, "Mirage", "Tango In The Night", "Behind the Mask", "Time" and "Say You Will"

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This time around, the band has got the fans buzzing about the come-back of Christine McVie and all of the original band members. With McVie once again a part of Fleetwood Mac and touring with her old band mates like Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood for the first time ever since 1997, you know their upcoming shows are expected to be rocking. If you have been looking forward to a reunion of the band, like other Fleetwood Mac fans, you can catch these band members perform live by purchasing the Fleetwood Mac Buffalo tickets now.