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The world of music has been famous for producing and nurturing some of the greatest artists and bands of all time. These people have gone on to be ranked among some of the biggest and most popular personalities that the world has ever seen. As each year passes, newer bands emerge onto the musical scene and like all those before them, they usually succeed in trying to win over thousands, if not millions, of fans around the globe by mesmerizing audiences with their incredible musical talents. The same can be expected of the band which goes by the name Chris Robinson Brotherhood and considering the fact that they have only recently burst onto the musical scene and already have a large number of fans points to the fact that they are destined to achieve great things in the future.

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About Chris Robinson Brotherhood

With an album already under their belt, this emerging band is expected to release more of their work in the near future. Also taking into account that fact that the band is set to go on a number of tours around the United States and the world, winning over fans will not be much of a hassle considering how good these guys are and how good their music has been thus far. The band which brings together a number of talented musicians is, therefore, set to take on different challenges. It can be said without a doubt that this band and its members will eventually go on to become one of the biggest legends of the music industry. You too can become a part of their history by ensuring that you book your Chris Robinson Brotherhood tickets at the very first chance that you get.
Chris Robinson Brotherhood is a band which originated from the state of California is the brainchild of popular rock musician Christopher Mark Robinson, more popularly referred to as Chris Robinson. The band was formed in the last week of the month of March in 2011. The band started its life with a two month tour of the state of California. The tour started off from the county of Santa Barbara and moved across different parts of California. The tour was dubbed a considerable success taking into account the fact that they were new to the musical world and there was not much awareness about them among audiences across the state. The current line-up of the band includes the multi-talented founder of the band; Chris Robinson, who plays the guitar and also is the lead vocalist of the band. The band also includes the vastly talented and gifted musician Neal Casal who also plays the guitar and provides back-up vocals to the songs played by the band. Also included among them is the keyboards maestro Adam MacDougall, former member of the band Black Crowes, known for the majestic keyboard notes in the band’s songs and also provides the band with back-up vocals for a number of songs. He is followed by the immensely talented bass guitarist of the band who goes by the name Mark Dutton, former member of the band Burning Tree, and he too provides back-up vocals to songs when needed by the band. Finally there is the amazing drummer of the band who is considered to provide the very soul to their music and is known by the name George Sluppick. Together, all these amazing musicians form the band which goes by the name Chris Robinson Brotherhood.
Chris Robinson Brotherhood signed up with Sunset Sound Recorders in the month of January in 2012. The recording studio which is located on the world famous Sunset Boulevard, worked alongside the band in order to help them produce and release their first album. The album, which goes by the name Big Moon Ritual, was released on the fifth of June in the same year and has been on the receiving end of some very positive reviews by critics from different parts of the United States as well as the world. Their next album is destined to be released in the month of September in 2012 and has been titled The Magic Door. If you want to attend a musical concert that will leave you utterly mesmerized then look no further and buy your Chris Robinson Brotherhood tickets today. If you do so quickly, you might be able to get your hands on cheap Chris Robinson tickets and save precious money in the process. 

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