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Hailing from a rural French Canadian home town and bursting to ultimate stardom, Celine Dion is one successful name that is extremely popular worldwide. The singer-songwriter is especially famous for her super hit songs from blockbuster movies such as Beauty and the Beast (1991) and Titanic (1997). Today, it is almost impossible to see soft rock and pop music without the beautiful ballads and powerful voice of this superstar. She has become the idol of many, and has millions of fans across the borders. Soon, this megastar will be performing live, right in front of her crazy fans. Music buffs are highly excited to catch this musical icon live; therefore, booking is high of Celine Dion Tickets.

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About Celine Dion

Celine Marie Claudette Dion is a 42 year old Canadian singer, actress, occasional songwriter, and an entrepreneur. She is better known as just Celine Dion, her stage name. Celine has been called the leading contemporary pop vocalist of the '90s, and has earned accolades from all around the globe. Besides the infallible stature in the music industry, she has won Grammy Awards from the US, Juno and Felix Awards from Canada and World Music Awards from Europe. Her astounding talent leaves audiences breathless, and her soaring voice takes them by storm. Ever since Celine has started, she has been an establishment of the music industry.

Dion was born in a small town of Canada called Charlemagne which is located only 30 miles east of Montreal, Quebec. Celine, being the youngest of the 14 children, was born to a highly musical family. Both her parents were musicians and owned a piano bar where the entire family used to perform and entertain the local residential audience on the weekends. Since the young age of 5, Celine started singing with her siblings that helped her quickly acquire the skill to perform live. Then, when she was 12 years old, Celine, together with her mother and one of her brothers, composed a French song which resulted in altering her life forever.

The demo tape of Celine's song was sent to Rene Angelil, a well reputed personal manager, by her brother Jacques Dion. Angelil was so impressed by the young girl's soulful and powerful voice, that he mortgaged his house to finance the recording of Celine's French debut album La voix du bon Dieu in 1981.In the following year, her talent got recognition and she won not only the Gold Medal at the Yamaha World Song Festival in Tokyo, but also the coveted Musician's Award for Top Performer. By 1983, Celine had become the first Canadian ever who had received a Gold Record in France. Both Celine Dion and Rene Angelil got inspired by one of the Michael Jackson's performances and decided to revamp Celine's image. She stepped forward into the English world with her first English language album Unison released on Sony Music Records. The album came out in 1990 and featured soft rock tracks, including The Last to Know and Where Does My Heart Beat Now, which became the Top 5 single.

It was not until 1991, when Celine received international success by recording the title track for Disney's animated blockbuster movie Beauty and the Beast. It became the No. 1 track on the music charts and earned Celine an Academy Award, along with a Grammy Award. The song Beauty and the Beast also created the foundation for her sophomore English album, entitled just as Celine Dion. Four new hit tracks were produced by this album, including Love Can Move Mountains, If You Asked Me To, Water From The Moon, and Did You Give Enough Love. The album was such a success that it went six times Platinum in Canada and garnered the artist an incredible line of Juno Awards.

Celine also remained in news because of her relationship with her manager Rene. On the work front, her third English album, The Color of My Love, was released in 1993. The album earned her the first No. 1 hit in the US - The Power of Love and also a breakthrough track in Europe - Think Twice. Later, in 1994, Celine Dion and Rene Angelil got married at Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal. Her 1996 release Falling Into You, was another very successful album and it crafted several hit singles, including the incredible Because You Loved Me. Celine's tour for this album also proved to be one of the most successful ones of those times and she became the megastar of the moment.

What followed next? Success and more success! Besides delivering chartbusting albums and tracks, Celine Dion ruled the hearts of millions with her signature song My Heart Will Go On from 1997 blockbuster Titanic. Celine Dion's singing style matured after the birth of her son and this was evident from her return album in 2002, A New Day Has Come. In all her albums that came in the following years till date, Celine has kept on shifting gears in her style.

With her record sales going skyrocketing and her concert tours being labeled as sold-out, Celine Dion has certainly became one of the best selling artists in the world. She has garnered a strong fan base from across the globe that would do just anything to get hold of Celine Dion Tickets for her live performances. What you need to do is to just choose the deal that you like best, and we will ensure that you enjoy the cheap Celine Dion tickets experience at its best.

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