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The classical rockers’ band ‘Boston’ has been ruling the music scene since the 70s with their distinctive prog rock coupled with catchy pop beats. Their self-titled debut album released in 1976 and went on to become multi platinum, with more than seventeen million copies sold only in the United States. This album still holds the best selling record for any debut album in the history of the country’s music. Today Boston has become one of the most sought after rock music acts known for its live performances. Their upcoming concert at the Allen Event Center is already the talk of the town and Boston the band Allen tickets are selling like hot cakes.

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Tom Scholz formed the band in 1976. In their successful career spanning almost four decades now, Boston has released a total of six studio albums and a compilation album in addition to thirteen singles. With such a rich repertoire it is not doubtful that the upcoming live concert of the group will be packed with delightful music.


Their latest album came out in 2013, titled “Life, Love and Hope”. It released eleven years after the previous album and happened to be one of the most awaited records of rock music. Scholz guitar and keyboard playing talents, coupled with his singing and songwriting skills allow him to steer his band towards even higher success with every new release. This is your chance to watch this ensemble live. Do not miss it.


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