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Get The Queen Extravaganza tickets to see the official tribute concert. The act has entertained making a guest appearance on the popular talent show American Idol. Bringing the iconic music of Queen to life the stage performance makes for quality entertainment. What sets the The Queen Extravaganza apart from other tribute shows is this that it has been produced by the original band drummer Roger Taylor and guitarist Brian May. Taylor himself has chosen the members deciding after worldwide auditions which received responses in millions. The resulting troupe with its wide range of talent and unique performance style is both entertaining and impressive. Queen’s music still holds the appeal that it did decades back. Now the production is bringing to life the epic music. The Queen Extravaganza is a chance for music lovers to experience Queen like never before.

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About The Queen Extravaganza

The Queen Extravaganza is a nine member group act which pays homage to the legendry band. Musical supervisor of the act is none other than Spike Edney. He has performed with Queen since early eighties and is often referred to as the fifth member of Queen. Lending his expertise to the production he in collaboration with the rest of the team has achieved in creating a show which is as close to the original act as possible. The nine members included in the stage performance are namely Tristan Avakian, Francois Olivier Doyon, Tyler Warren, Brandon Ethridge, Marc Martel, Yvan Pedneault, Jennifer Espinoza, Brian Gresh and Jeff Scott Soto. Watch the nine members entertain with their dynamic performance at The Queen Extravaganza concert.
The show is not a conventional tribute program but is tailored to appeal to both old and new fans. Included in the show is a selection of songs from the bands fifteen albums. Singing hit after hit the touring show has met huge success and has won over audience with their energetic performance. Still entertaining the troupe is set to rock the audience with their talent as they tour across North America. See the phenomenal performance of The Queen Extravaganza at their live show. The entertainment packed production features many hits like Who Wants to Live Forever, Somebody to Love, Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon, I'm in Love With My Car and Bohemian Rhapsody among other songs by the rock group. The attraction of the show is not only lies in the timeless brilliance of the music. Vocals and the musical talent of the troupe are also commendable. Be a part of The Queen Extravaganza show as the act entertains making the music of the legend their own.
The production has gone to great detail to recreate the magic and boasts of an impressive creative team. The stage for the act is designed by Mark Fisher. Fisher’s long list of accomplishments includes designing stages for Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2008 Olympics.  Lighting for the stage performance has been designed by Rob Sinclair who has the experience of working with major acts like Mumford and Sons, Pulp, Adele and Pulp Peter Gabriel. Both Fisher and Sinclair have done a great job to add to the appeal of the musical performance. See the impressive work of the masters for yourself at The Queen Extravaganza concert.
With such big names attached to the act it is sure to be a show stopper. The right mixture of award winning music, great setting and talented artists the homage to the legend is sure to be entertaining. Relive the magic of the phenomenal band at the The Queen Extravaganza concert. The show is a must see for both music lovers and fans of Queen. Singing the catchy tunes of Queen, the talented members take the audience down memory lane to bring the music to life again. Get cheap The Queen Extravaganza tickets to experience the timeless music of the band.

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