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Entering the music industry in the year 1965, Pink Floyd is a rock band formed in London making it an English band. The music produced by Pink Floyd over the years has fallen into numerous genres such as progressive rock, sonic experimentation, psychedelic and philosophical rock. The band has also gained massive popularity due to intricate performances. Also known as The Tea Set, Pink Floyd is one of the most successful commercial progressive rock bands of all times. Basing their music on abstract musical ensembles, philosophical lyrics and fantasy, they have sold over two hundred and fifty million records worldwide, with U.S. taking credit for seventy five million sales. Pink Floyd was honored in the year 1996 and 2005, by making into the United States Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the United Kingdom’s Music Hall of Fame respectively. If you are a Pink Floyd fan then you will be pleased to know that the Australian Pink Floyd show is coming your way. Be sure to mark your attendance by purchasing cheap Australian Pink Floyd show tickets.

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At the time of the band’s origination in the year 1965, Pink Floyd started off as any other struggling band. Getting involved in the underground scene in the 1960s, Pink Floyd started getting famous almost instantly. At the time of its formation, Pink Floyd constituted of four university undergraduates; Nick Mason, Roger Waters, Syd Barnett and Richard Wright. The group was joined by its fifth member; David Gilmour two years later i.e. by 1967. Together they released their debut album named “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” and chart-topping singles called “See Emily Play” and “Arnold Layne” in the year 1967. In the following year, Syd Barnett had to leave the band due to worsening mental health and the band was left with four members.
With the departure of Syd the band became more inclined towards progressive music and moved away from psychedelic music. In the latter years, Pink Floyd was able to release four concept albums that earned them massive commercial fame and popularity. The albums were “The Wall” released in the year 1979, “Animals” released in 1977, “Wish You Were Here” in 1975 and “The Dark Side of the Moon” in the year 1973. These albums revolved around a single unified theme that persisted throughout all their records, mostly revolving around progressive rock. Hoping to hear your favorite singles from these albums? You can become a part of the upcoming Australian Pink Floyd show by buying Australian Pink Floyd show tickets within due course of time.
Soon after the release of the album “The Wall” Roger Waters became somewhat a leader of the band, composing most of the songs and musical ensembles. He forced Richard Wright to leave the band in the year 1979. After his departure, Pink Floyd released another album called “The Final Cut” in the year 1983 after which the group split up temporarily because of conflicts with Waters. In the year 1985, David Gilmour and Nick Mason decided to reunite and were joined by Richard Wright. Waters protested against their reunion and tried to legally sue them for taking on the name Pink Floyd without Waters being part of the group. His attempts ended in vain as Gilmour, Mason and Wright toured and recorded through the year 1994. The trio was able to release two more albums; “The Division Bell’ in the year 1994 and “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” in the year 1987. The band split up after numerous performances and releases in the year 1996 and weren’t reunited until two decades later i.e. in 2005, when they were able to look past all the spite and acrimony. They performed at the massive event “Live 8” aimed to create global awareness in 2005.
Three surviving members of Pink Floyd will be performing at the Australian Pink Floyd show coming your way, since after the death of Richard Wright in the year 2008 and mental incapacitation of Barnett; Pink Floyd is left with three members now. Waters was asked to join the band in the year 2011 and they went on “The Wall Tour” where iconic singles such as “Outside the Wall” and “Comfortably Numb” were performed. If you are dying to see this legendary band unite for the Australian Pink Floyd show, then all you need to do is get your hands on Australian Pink Floyd show tickets as soon as possible, since they are bound to run out in a flash. 

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