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Definitely a female pianist who is one of a kind in her genre and she is the one and only Lorie Line. This immensely gifted lady has been giving awe-inspiring piano performances all over the US. She has released 37 studio albums and has authored 27 sheet music books. Lora Line is a fine pianist and she is finally coming to your very own city so don’t miss it. Get your Lorie Line Tickets only from us and have a fine evening full of Lorie’s soulful music!

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About Lorie Line

Lorie Line was born and raised in the city of Reno in Nevada. She had a perfect pitch and could identify correct musical notes at the tender of seven.  She could fluently play famous songs on piano without any prior music teaching. Her parents saw the potential and got her going with lessons of piano. Lorie won her first prize in a piano competition when she was just nine years old. She has got a bachelors degree in music from University of Nevada with specialization in piano performances. Along with her husband Tim she has been regularly touring various cities. Lorie Line is the first and only women owner of the largest independent music label in the US.

Piano music lovers, Lorie is an artist who is a must watch for everyone. You will surely not only enjoy her music but also learn a lot about piano playing as she is a master in this form of music. Hurry up and get your Lorie Line Tickets only from us as we give you value for your money!

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Q:What will happen to my lorie line tickets if the event is moved to another venue?

A:In that case you can use your current Lorie Line Tickets to attend the event at the new venue.

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