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Jarabe de Palo is a famous Latin rock band from Barcelona, the capital city of Spain. It has been active in Spanish and international music since 1996. It was signed onto Warner Music Group in 1996 until 2008, after which it was signed onto Tronco Records in 2008. Its members today are lead vocalist and guitarist Pau Dones, bassist Carmen Nino, drummer Alex Tenas, vocalist and guitarist Jordi Busquets and guitarist Riki Frouchtman. Jarabe de Palo tickets are available for those interested in catch this renowned Spanish rock band live.

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From 2008 onwards, Jarabe de Palo releases music through their own record label, Tronco Records. Their first album after this was released in 2009 and titled Orquesta Reciclando, or Recycling Orchestra. Their next album was released in 2009 and is titled Y Ahora que Hacemos. They are set to release a new album in 2013. They have won many awards including Grammy Award nominations, Premios Ondas Awards and Premios de la Musica Awards.
Jarabe de Palo have collaborated with the likes of Antonio Vega, La Vieja Trova Santiaguera, Celia Cruz and Vico C. They have recorded music for soundtracks of movies such as El milagro de P. Tinto and have also composed music for the legendary Ricky Martin. They have starred in a music video, alongside Alanis Morissette. They have also collaborated with many Italian musicians, including Moda, Niccolo Fabi and Jovanotti. They are known for a fiery blend of rock and a sound that has gained them fans all over the Spanish speaking world and even parts of the English speaking world, from native Spain to the US and over to Mexico and many South American countries.
They have nine albums to their name. Their first album, La Flaca, was released in 1996 and was followed in 1998 by Depende. In 2001, they released De Vuelta y Vuelta, followed by Grandes Exitos in 2003 and Bonito, also released in 2003. In 2004, they released 1m2 Un Metro Cuadrado, followed by Adelantando in 2007 and Orquesta Reciclando in 2009. Their latest album is Y ahora que hacemos, with the band had at work recording their next album, whose music can be heard with Jarabe de Palo tickets at any of their concerts.

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