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Elton John - The Million Dollar Piano tickets are selling out – does that ring a bell? Sir Elton John is going to bless his audience with his spectacular and the most entertaining performance ever. The Colosseum and Elton John with a Yamaha Piano will rock the world. Elton john - The Million Dollar Piano tickets will not remain for long so it is better to make a move now or never.

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About Elton John The Million Dollar Piano

Sir Elton John is the best and the most colorful, reflective entertainers of all times. This is the best way of explaining him when it comes to his aptitude. Elton John will be once again performing in the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. He will be seen with his Million Dollar Piano. Elton John will be seen on the platform with various other singers. Talking of Caesars Palace, it is an Elton John’s favorite and the most peaceful arena to play at, and with a show where the legend will be performing cannot be anything less than gigantic banquet of songs and images. He always has a wonderful time performing there and he will have to have an excellent piano which is engineered by Yamaha.  This piano has been in the process of making for over four years now and that is why it is named “The Million Dollar Piano”. Indeed, Elton John- The Million Dollar Piano is one of its kind concerts which is more of a lifetime opportunity to attend.  
The highlights of Elton John- The Million Dollar Piano is undoubtedly a stage rocking concert with Elton John performing on classics including "Rocket Man", "Bennie and the Jets", "Pinball Wizard" and "Someone Saved My Life Tonight". Though he will be performing latest hits as well, however, the highlight will be old hits in a fresh wrapper, i.e. a new setting. The most awaited Elton John concert is creating great excitement among the viewers because he gives an opportunity to the audience, some at a time, to get on stage and dance with him. This factor makes Elton John - The Million Dollar Piano tickets the most atrociously sold item since being with the superstar on stage is the most irresistible offer for his fans.
The Million Dollar show is entirely different from the previous shows that Elton John has performed at the Colosseum such as the Red Piano. Red Piano stands among one of his highly successful shows. He felt it was significant for the new show to bid a totally diverse experience from his previous show. The new show will be offering a more cherished experience, where the members of the audience will have added advantage to interrelate with Elton. The Yamaha Piano Company is responsible for building the piano for the show. Returning to Las Vegas, Sir Elton John officially announced that the show will be named after the spectacular piano that expects him on the stage. Elton John - The Million Dollar Piano will no doubt will be a mind blowing experience for Sir Elton John’s fans.
Different from the extremely valued Red Piano show which was initially planned for only seventy five shows in total, actually ended up with 200 performances. In this case, the sight of Elton John performing with his fans on stage is an invaluable extravagance that will touch the hearts of millions. Elton John - The Million Dollar Piano tickets are available much in advance as the maestro wants his fans to get the best of him always.
In remembrance of his talent, Caesars Palace has had Elton along with his magnificent band perform at their best. Let’s all look forward to this performance which is a golden opportunity to be with the superstar, especially availing a chance of being on stage with him. His accompaniments will be including Davey Johnstone as the guitarist, Bob Birch as the bassist, John Mahon as the percussionist, Nigel Olsson as the drummer and Kim Bullard as the keyboard player. Also making a cameo appearance will be Ray Cooper, the famous percussionist.
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