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A rare breed, he can evoke such emotions live on stage, that it gets difficult to separate the man from his performance. Jonny Lang is known, not only for his bluesy vocals but also for his solos on the guitar. His music holds appeal for a wide range of music lovers, as he can hold his own in the blues, gospel and rock genres. Getting Jonny Lang Winnipeg tickets well in advance is a very good idea as it will ensure that you don’t miss out on an incredible experience.

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Named Jon Gordon Langseth, Jr. at birth in 1981 in Fargo, North Dakota, United States, he became inspired at age twelve with the Bad Medicine Blues Band performance to which his father took him and stared learning the guitar. Some months down the lane, he ended up joining the band and it was renamed to Kid Jonny Lang & The Big Bang.  Out with the album “Smoking” with the band, in the year 1996 when the singer was only fourteen, he went on to release his multi-platinum selling album  “Lie to Me” the very next year. Lang's “Turn Around “, the 2006 gospel influenced album, bagged him his first Grammy win. The Jonny Lang Winnipeg event is going to be all the more enjoyable for this guy is especially gifted when it comes to performing live!
Get Jonny Lang Winnipeg tickets and get going to an awesome event where the music will take you over emotionally, physically and be a total pleasure to soak up!

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