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Music is one phenomenon that overwhelms senses but when it comes to absolute sensory overload, no music genre can surpass the power of heavy metal and hard rock. Lately, one of the best exhibitors of these super-charged music genres is the festival, Rocklahoma which features both the classic and contemporary heavy metal and hard rock music.

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The Rock Fever, Rocklahoma is one of the most exciting hard rock music festivals in the world. The festival is being held annually in Pryor, Oklahoma since its first episode rocked music enthusiasts back in 2007. Back then, the event attracted a whopping 100,000 audience over 4 days. The festival has been a persistent attraction for hard rock music followers since 2007 and is getting ready to kick off its fifth episode in 2011.
The very first Rocklahoma was held between July 12 and July 15 with line-up featuring over 38 bands. The event became popular for exhibition of classic heavy metal and hard rock music. Main attractions of the festival were Rhino Bucket, Great White,  FireHouse, Down for Five,  Dirty Penny,  Slaughter and  Quiet Riot.  The next leg of Rocklahoma was a 5-day event held between July 9 and July 13 and featured over 90 bands playing over one main stage and two side stages. The festival kicked off with a benefit concert arranged for residents of Picher which was hit by a servere tornado in May that year. Major bands performing in 2008 event included Sebastian Bach, Firehouse, Ratt, Extreme, Lynch Mob, UFO, Axe, Azrael's Bane, Mindflow and Gypsy Blue.  Following remarkable reception of the festival, the 2009 line-up boasted over 100 bands and 3 side stages apart from the main stage. The four day festival featured Overkill, Metal Church, Warrant, Hericane Alice, Keel, Twisted Sister, Nelson and Bonfire among other top bands. The latest leg of Rocklahoma was held on Memorial Day weekend (May 27 to May 30) and featured both the contemporary and classic heavy metal artists. Bands that took the main stage included Adelitas Way, Saving Abel, Buckcherry, Three Days Grace, Fuel and Tesla.
Rocklahoma has been a savior to death metal and hard rock which were gradually passing into obscurity because of immense popularity of alternative rock and pop. The mega festival of heavy metal has transcended international boundaries with increasing number of foreign bands taking part in the recent legs of the event. The popularity of the festival has been noted by Rolling Stone and Playboy calling it ‘one of the top festivals that should not be missed.’
The festival intrinsically features heavy metal music but over the years, the musical scope of the event has expanded to include progressive rock, metal glum and hard rock. Rocklahoma offers an exciting opportunity to music enthusiasts to camp out while listening to some of the most electric music on planet.
The line-up for 2011 festival has been announced featuring some of the top names in the industry including Mötley Crüe, Papa Roach, Whitesnake, Saving Abel, Staind, Seether and Sebastian Bach among others. With such a star-studded line-up, this year’s festival is sure going to be something special. Music enthusiasts have already started buying their Three Day Pass tickets to Rocklahoma festival – the heart of heavy metal.
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