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The Royal Comedy Tour celebrates comedians of the past who made it big in the entertainment industry and showcases comedians of the present time who are setting a bar in the genre of comedy entertainment of recent times. This particular comedy tour has a mission of effectively continuing the long tradition which was set forward by Comic View as well as by Def Comedy. The comedic acts that you will get to see live in this show are rather raw and are totally without any remorse. The emotions and expressions that you will see in this event are all real and hard hitting, yet absolutely hilarious. There is hardly a comedy tour in the world of this nature. None has ever had an array of famous comedians of today come together under one grand performance with all the joy and hilarity to which thousands of people come to watch live every year.

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About Royal Comedy Tour

Ever since the Royal Comedy Tour began in 2009, it has successfully turned out to being one of the longest running and definitely one of the most fruitful urban comedy live shows ever. Statists suggest that nearly a quarter of a million people from around the world have seen this tour with celebrated comedians performing live on a magnificent stage every year. The content is always fresh which makes the experience that you will have at the show highly interesting. When the show initially began, the tour had success which was totally unparallel. There were shows every other night all of which were sold out and totally jam packed. Some of the shows of this tour have presented comedians such as Bruce Bruce and Don D.C., Tony Rock, D.L. Hughley, Damon Williams, Sommore, Arnez J, Mark Curry and Earthquake and TuRae.
Comedians such as Eddie Murphy, Flip Wilson, Red Foxx and Richard Pryor are not solely actors and legends who have won numerous awards in the genre of comedic in the world of entertainment, as they are all great comedians who embarked upon their journeys in the art of comedy by staring out as stand-up comedians. All of the greatest comedians in the world have been standup comedians before they reached the heights of fame on the silver screen or television. Prior to their best-selling comedy albums or specials were ever completed, Murphy, Pryor, Wilson and Foxx were all actors in feature movies just before they got roles in some television series. These comedians knew who to captivate and amaze their audiences all over the country by just doing standup comedy which in reality is not so easy to do. But with the finesse that they brought their comedy onto the stage has always been commendable.
One of the most alluring aspects of standup comedy is that it touches upon topics such as relationships, race as well as religion and many other which are sometimes controversial also, but standup comedy has a charm in it which people live and addresses issues in a light hearted way that matters to audiences. It is the platform of standup comedy that makes legendry comedians such as Murphy, Wilson, Foxx and Pryor turn into legends from just simple comedians. If you are a fan of watching live and absolutely hilarious standup comedy, then this is the best time for you to get your cheap Royal Comedy Tour tickets and enjoy one of the most hilarious shows ever.
The Royal Comedy Tour as continued the bequest and the rather rich custom that has been setup by these comedians and successfully established a platform for standup comedy. In 2012, the third yearly tour will start. Already a quarter of a million people have witnessed and totally loved this show. For the show of 2012, the title is going to be “All hail Stand-Up” and will be featured in twenty five cities across the United States of America. This year you will get to witness some of the most amusing, comical and side-splitting comedians as well as props and sets by this fantastic comedy tour.
Without any reasonable doubt this is one of those shows that should not be missed by those who like standup comedy or those who want to indulge into an evening which will be filled with some of the most funny yet touching topics and comedic acts. Book your Royal Comedy Tour tickets today and experience a live comedy show like never before. This will be a truly memorable event for you and your loved ones.

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