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Ron White’s got a lot spinning in his comedy orbit and only recently returned on CMT where he premiered his newest comedy special Ron White: Little Unprofessional, smoking a cigar with one hand and holding a gloss of scotch with the other. And quite mind-bogglingly, with yet another invisible hand, the comedian is busy performing a host of live shows, heading next to Hyannis. Caught in a juggling act, the artist has never been more on top of his game cracking people up left, right and center, and just about everywhere.  With his forthcoming Ron White Hyannis show, he is all set to throw his fans into fits of shrieking laughter, proving just why he is so badly needed on TV as well as on stage, live. Ron White Hyannis tickets have already created quite the havoc among Hyannis’ comedy fans, finally counting their lucky stars.

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Among his various credentials, White is a charter member of the well-known Blue Collar Comedy Tour, and is also the author of the popular book I Have a Right to Stay Silent, But I Don’t Have the Ability. The latter has appeared among New York Times list of best sellers. His other comedy releases include Drunk in Public, Truckstop Comedy, Busted in Des Moines aka. Tater Salad, You Can’t Fix Stupid, and Behavioral Problems, all of which are solo projects. Get hold of some cheap Ron White Hyannis tickets, and prepare to unwind with an evening filled with roaring laughs.