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Mike Epps is an actor and standup comedian based in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is most prominent as a live standup performer and for appearing in films such as “Open Season 2” and “Next Friday.” Mike is one of Hollywood’s most known comedy artists who tours extensively every year. This year has been no different with his I’m Still Standing Tour having already gone through half the scheduled dates. For the remainder of the tour series, Mike Epps Oklahoma City tickets are available for purchase.

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Mike’s standup routines are different from others. By incorporating music and dance into the mix, he presents a variety of expressions that have over the period of time become his trademark style. Epps did not achieve success overnight. He had to work his way upto the top. He started out as a free lancer, performing at many open mic nights and taking whatever gigs that came his way. He had to perform before many huge crowds that were difficult to please. At times his acts were not received too well. He finally got his big break when he scored a role in “Open Season 2” as the voice for the character Day Day Jones. After that, he began to get many film offers, including “The Hangover”, which was a huge box office success. These days, he is concentrating more on the art form closest to him, that is standup comedy. According to the critics, his live performances turn out to be much bigger hits than what he has produced on the silver screen. You must buy the cheap Mike Epps Oklahoma City tickets to enjoy the ultimate live comedy experience.