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Margaret Cho San Francisco tickets


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The Nob Hill Masonic Center in San Francisco will be caught up in the gale of laughter expected to be generated by Margaret Cho on 4th December. Cho has carved out a great career as a stand-up comedian, & the release of her debut album has also propelled her fame into an all-new dimension.


Cho was born in a Korean family in San Francisco. The club opposite her parents’ bookstore served as her first performing arena after she has graduated from the San Francisco School of Arts. She began with the opening spot in Jerry Springer’s show & performing around the circuit, before being thrust into the limelight in 1994’s All American Girl.


The on-screen debut wasn’t inspirational, but she has then worked in a number of shows & sitcoms. Six comedy albums have been released, including Drunk with Power, Notorious C.H.O & Assassin. Cho has also released an autobiography & a book based on global politics & human rights. She recently launched The Sensuous Woman, a burlesque-type variety show tour, & Cho Dependent, her first musical album. Cho has also emceed for various events.


Cho’s content is based mostly on racism, sexuality & homosexual/bisexual themes. Although catering to a select audience, her comic style has been immensely successful, giving rise to Australian & European tours.


Cho’s comic timing & content has become very relevant & entertaining in today’s advancing times, & fans will not want to miss out on Margaret Cho San Francisco tickets.