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An English comedian, John William Oliver well recognized for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, is coming up real soon with a new show and John Oliver tickets have already started selling. Get your hands on them right away. John Oliver is known in the entertainment industry as a hard worker, who puts in great effort to bring out the best results. His determination and dedication has placed him in the position where today he is considered comedy maestro. Oliver first made an appearance in 2001 at Edinburgh Festival Fringe as a part of a late night show called The Comedy Zone. In 2002 he managed to get his own show and all through 2004-05, he teamed up with Andy Zaltzman and co-hosted Political Animal. He relocated to New York in order to do The Daily Show and started performing standup comedy in clubs in the city, soon after moving on to perform in bigger venues. Oliver's debut standup special named John Oliver: Terrifying Times started in 2008 and later was released on DVDs. He is known to have a style that is termed as exaggerated, filled with mannerisms and odd accents.

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He plays a returning character as Professor Ian Duncan on Community, a television series. Oliver has also worked frequently with Andy Zaltzman and appeared on series like The Department, The Bugle, and Political Animal. John performed a variety of roles in Important Things with Demetri Martin, Comedy Central series in 2009. At times he has appeared as a car salesman in the series Green Wing. Oliver was offered his first role in a movie The Love Guru. John Oliver is a host of a standup series named John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show, featuring him and quite a few other comedians.

He has also lent his voice for the movie The Smurfs. Oliver is also an author and has written and corresponded for The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. He is a great writer and has been chosen for Writers Guild Awards as well as Emmys, and is the winner of the Breakout Awards. John is successfully doing his shows and performs around the country. After touring extensively, John has got himself a huge fan following and his fans try to get their hands on John Oliver tickets as soon as they know about his latest show. Oliver is an artist who lives up to his talent and excels in his live shows. If you have a chance, you should certainly go watch his live acts. The comedian promises to make you laugh and he fulfills it; you are sure to laugh at the theatre till your stomach hurts. He is known to be a wise comedian with a great sense of humor, who sportingly responds to the comments coming from the audience. Once you are at his live show, you will be laughing your lungs out from start to the end of the event. So, hurry and get set to experience the fun this comedian brings with him. Have a great time!

Cheap John Oliver tickets can be found easily on our website as this standup comedian makes his way to perform live in a show. You must grab your tickets as soon as possible. It is a must see event that will be a great experience for the ones who really wish to see Oliver, talking in front of them.

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