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Turandot Seattle tickets present popular opera that is considered one of the masterpieces by Italian composer Giacomo Puccini. The opera by composer Puccino, who was inspired by the ancient Persian fable Turnadot, is one of his most popular works that is still being performed to packed houses.

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The romantic opera with its interesting storyline captivates the audience. It tells the intriguing saga of love, set in China’s imperial city. The story revolves around the cruel princess who executes her suitors, when they fail to solve the three riddles given as a challenge to marry her. The story takes an exciting twist when a prince falls in love with her. To win her the prince risks his life and solves all the three riddles that are put forth for the suitors. The ice princess still refuses to marry him and that is when the famous anthem Nessun dorma is sung by Calaf, the prince, as he gives her another chance by presenting her with a challenge.
The Opera features memorable melodies and choruses that make Turnadot a pure acoustic pleasure. The strong lyrical scores and vocal brilliance take the emotional drama to new heights. Passionate scenes of confrontations, famous riddles act and then the powerful kiss that results in transformation makes Turnadot a stunning production. The glorious music and exotic costumes add to the dramatic appeal of the opera.  If you want to enjoy the opera masterwork then secure your tickets and if you are lucky you might get cheap Turandot Seattle tickets.