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Trans-Siberian Orchestra is one of the renowned names in the American music scene which is the creation of a progressive metal founded in 1993 by Paul O’Neil. Since the time of their inception, the orchestra has been successfully selling over 8 million album copies and 9 million concert tickets which surely is a huge number. Focusing primarily on the symphonic, classical, heavy metal, hard rock and orchestral elements, a series of truly applauded rock operas have been a source of inspiration for many. The Lost Christmas Eve is part of the rock opera series that has been released along with the others including Christmas Eve and other stories, Beethoven’s last night and the Christmas attic. Trans-Siberian Orchestra has gained fame for the extended concerts and the charity work in which they are seriously engrossed. Pollstar and Billboard Magazine have rated them as one of the top ten highest rated Lost Christmas tickets selling orchestra of the new millennium which is a matter of immense pride.

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About Trans Siberian Orchestra The Lost Christmas Eve

One of the most followed albums of the times, The Lost Christmas Eve is the fourth album released in 2004 by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Being the last album of the Christmas Trilogy, the album went multi-platinum in weeks and gained Gold certification in no time which is a great honor for Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The whole aura has been created in the Christmas Trilogy with the musical tale of redemption and loss has been discussed. In this one a tale of a toy store, a gothic style church and the blues bar encompassed with the inhabitants. The fates are all relied on the New York City evening which truly displays the artistic eye with which the whole atmosphere has been crafted. The whole story is the narration of the businessman who feels sorrowful for the new born son he abandoned forty years ago. Since Christmas is the time of joy and happiness, it is also about the realization of the mistakes made in the past. With the commitment to resolve the mistakes, the Christmas gives yet another chance to look back in retrospect and amend the wrong doings.
The magical atmosphere is created when the angel drops down from heavens on the New York City with the motive to evaluate who is following the God’s message. The angel then roams around the city and with amazement watches the people celebrating the Christmas. The angel enters the bar where he notices that everyone is relishing the jazz music but one man suddenly slips away from the crowd and starts moving towards his house leaving behind a trail of blood seeping from his soul. The angel was awe struck and thought of enquiring the issue. He peeped into the heart of the man seeing how he used to cherish Christmas and as he got married, an unexpected incident made him gloomy. His wife passed away while giving birth to the baby and the baby too was a special which he denied to take and gave him into the state’s custody.
Finally with the efforts of the angel, the son was searched out and was reunited with his father who accepted him. Eventually taking him back home, the angel also went back to the heavens and reported to God all about the jazz player, the story teller and the rest of the people he saw. He told God about the father and the Son and claimed that the message delivered to humanity is continually been followed thus bringing an end to the performance.
To relish the performance cheap Lost Christmas Eve tickets will assure your presence at the arena. The Lost Christmas tickets have always been the attraction for the show lovers. To enjoy the show you too can be the part of The Lost Christmas Eve show and make your evening worth remembering. The Trans- Siberian Orchestra will surely impress you with the performance and make it a part of your imagination like you have never experienced.

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