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The San Antonio Symphony Orchestra is a spectacular symphony orchestra located in the city of San Antonio within the US state of Texas. This amazing orchestra is one of the most renowned orchestras in America and has a season that starts from September and runs until June. At present, the music director of this symphony orchestra is Sebastian Lang Lessing and calls The Majestic Theatre in San Antonio home. This superb Texas symphony orchestra, the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra, has a vast repertory of classical music in its selection that it plays in the various concerts it performs. This results in a symphony orchestra that is easily the best in Texas and one that many flock to see live in action with San Antonio Symphony Orchestra tickets in hand.

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The 2010 to 2011 season, for example, had around fourteen different classical susbscription program each of which was performed two times, six different Pops program each of which is also performed two times, four programs that make up the Young People’s Concerts series the Interactive Family Classics series consisting of four programs and a number of features grouped together to form Special Attractions. These Special Attractions performed by the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra included concerts with other artists such as one performed with pianist Lang Lang alongside the renowned Community Concerts. Each of these events featured a renowned guest artist resulting in events that are some of the most anticipated in San Antonio and the US state that is Texas and these guest artists can also be seen live alongside the orchestra through Cheap San Antonio Symphony Orchestra tickets.
At present, the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra has a very highly talented artistic staff. This staff is headed by Sebastian Lang the music director, resident conductor Ken David, John Silantien the mastersingers conductor and a group of around seventy two permanent musicians, a number that makes this orchestra one of the largest in its region. The music director emeritus is Christopher Wilkins. All the musicians who call the fascinating San Antonio Symphony Orchestra home are also members of the global International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians as well as individually a part of the spectacular American Federation of Musicians.
Several other groups also perform with the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra; this includes the San Antonio Mastersingers, a chorus. The Philharmonic Orchestra of Youth Orchestras of San Antonio, YOSA, joins the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra for a joint concert event which is one of the highlights of the year in San Antonio.
Performances by the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra usually occur at the Majestic Theatre located in San Antonio’s downtown area. This venue in itself is a famous and historical place; it was opened in 1929 and was formerly a vaudeville and movie house until it became the home of this symphony orchestra in 1989. Since then, it has played host to many performances by the legendary American orchestra that is the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra.
The San Antonio Symphony Orchestra is in itself managed by the Symphony Society of San Antonio whereas the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra is also part of the ASOL. This amazing orchestra company has a rich history behind it; it traces its roots to a series of concerts performed by Carl Beck in 1887 in San Antonio as part of the state Sangerfest. He was then the director of the Beethoven Mannerchor and was succeeded by Carl Hann who, alongwith Eli Hertzberg, formed the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra in 1905; this is a hundred year old orchestra anyone can see live today through Cheap San Antonio Symphony Orchestra tickets.
Thus, not only is this symphony orchestra one of the greatest, it is also one of the oldest in America and a must see live through both San Antonio Symphony Orchestra tickets

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