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Are you a music enthusiast? Do you want to indulge in a perfect musical concert? Getting Academy of St. Martin in the Fields tickets can be your best bet. As this all time favorite orchestra from London is soon to perform in your city, it is just the right time to get your hands on tickets for their upcoming concert. Cheap Academy of St. Martin in the Fields tickets can help you enjoy this unparalleled performance in an affordable way. Keeping in view that shows by this wonderful orchestra are always sold out, you will have to act superfast lest others deprive you of one of the must-see performances of the year.

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About Academy Of St Martin In The Fields

An English chamber orchestra, the Academy of St Martin in the Fields is well known for its great live concerts where they create magic on the stage with their powerful music. The orchestra was set up by Sir Neville Marriner. It started as a small group with just 11 members. Its first performance was held in 1959 and since then it has been entertaining the world with matchless music that touches the soul. Their early concerts as a string orchestra played a very important role in the restoration of English baroque performances. Later, the group also came to include wind-based instruments.
Those who want to take a break from the boredom of life must attend a concert by the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields where they will get a chance to soothe their senses and forget about their petty troubles. The orchestra’s mesmerizing melodies have the power to transport you into another world. The entire group consists of some of the most talented musicians that excel in their talent. Other than Neville Marriner, other prominent members of the orchestra include Iona Brown, Kenneth Sillito and Murray Perahia.
Academy of St. Martin in the Fields is engaged in presenting Baroque as well as contemporary works, delighting music lovers that have diverse tastes. It has three sections at present that include the main group that is conducted by Marriner, a chamber based ensemble conducted by Kenneth Sillito as well as a much smaller group that has been set up for the purpose of touring. Live shows by the orchestra are a treat for the senses where you get to enjoy divine music that leaves a lasting impression on your mind.
Music has no language. It knows no age, race and boundaries. Melodies that come from the soul touch the hearts of the listeners without doubt. This orchestra is known for such music that seeps inside the soul and takes you to a journey of beauty and love. This is why live shows by this group are no less than a treat for the music enthusiasts who want to taste the wine of virgin pure melodies.
Some of the labels the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields has recorded for include the L'Oiseau-Lyre label, Argo, Capriccio Records, Decca Records, EMI, Hänssler Classic and Hyperion Records. It has also recorded under the titles "London Strings", "Argo Chamber Orchestra" and "London String Players" as well. Those who have had a chance to listen to the orchestra know how great it is. If you still have not been lucky enough to listen to them live, you can experience their charisma by attending their upcoming concert this season.
The group has also contributed to the film soundtracks of Titanic, Amadeus and more. Being a part of their show is no less than a privilege so better act fast and head to their concert where you will be able to enjoy every moment as this sensational orchestra presents you with its very best works. Academy of St. Martin in the Fields tickets are now available and if you want to secure the best seats, you must get your hands on some now.

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