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Rocky Grass is an annual festival promoting the traditional Blue Grass genre of music. Having a history of featuring amazing bands, this year the lineup includes Del Mcoury Band, Shawn Camp, Hot Rize, Sarah Jarosz, Henhouse Prowlers and many others. The incredible artists with their remarkable music are all set to celebrate 39th anniversary of the festival this year!

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The summer season of 2011 is packed with fun events, with Rocky Grass being on top of the list. The party begins in the month of July and is scheduled to span over three days. Three consecutive days of nonstop fun features the Grammy Award winning bands playing the Blue Grass music. The festival is held along the wooden banks of St. Vrain River, in Lyons Colorado.
The venue itself does not offer music as the only entertainment but has a lot more to offer. It also includes all kinds of activities like single track mountain biking at Hall Ranch, hiking in the nearby forest lands, river sports in the Meadow Park Watercourse and others of the sort. With the event happening at the Planet Bluegrasss Ranch, the fun does not define its boundaries around music but extends to sporting events as well.

Rocky Grass Festival begins with an amazing campground breakfast. The sun rise of the day of festivities fills the air with live blue grass music. The echoing sounds against the canyon walls soon indicate the beginnings of the festival and party season. The fun activities are not limited to adults but are for children as well. After the scrumptious breakfast with the incredible background music, the kids move to the Sandy Beaches, while the older audiences to the grounds, socializing with people and making new friends. Meanwhile the musicians have their warm up jam sessions for the performance.

Rocky Grass Festival does not only allow you to witness the amazing artists performing live but also experience the fun of their jam sessions. The testing of the musical instruments and the sound check before a concert is something that is usually missed, but the festival allows you to enjoy the performance from the scratch till the end. Shortly after the sound check the bands begin with their performances. The lineup for three consecutive days features different artists along with their varied style of music. The audience attending the whole event does not even have a chance to get bored of the music. The traditional blue grass music with its melodious tunes played in combination with a blend of different instruments would surely enthrall the audience throughout the show.

This three day event in its effort to promote talent in music works for its nourishment as well. It conducts workshops to train people with potential for music. This training eventually is shown in the contests held for playing instruments and other singing competitions. Rocky Grass Festival as a treat for the audiences also offers accessories like t-shirts and caps at extremely reasonable rates.

The venue for Rocky Grass Festival being at a central location is easily accessible. Besides this, it offers great transportation facilities to the people to get back to their destinations after the event. So guys if you haven’t had a chance to attend any of the Rocky Grass Festival so far, this is surely one golden opportunity to do so! It’s a place where the entertainment is offered without any limits and specifications. People of Colorado it’s time to take a break from your monotonous routines and have some fun! A festival that offers fun for the whole family! Rocky Grass 3 Day Pass Tickets are already on sale! Rush off and buy them before they are all sold out!
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