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In 1996, a small town named Albuquerque, became home to a band that would soon become the recognition of New Mexico. The band was named The Shins. The members of the band are Richard Swift who plays the keyboards, Joe Plummer who gives the beats, Jessica Dobson on the bass guitar along with Yuuki Mathews and finally, James Mercer, the voice that distinguishes the band. In search of better prospects and the dream life, the band moved to different states over the years, and now has settled in Oregon’s beautiful city of Portland.

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About The Shins

James Mercer began working on his obsession with music in the fall of 1992. He was a singer as well as a songwriter and brought together artists to make his band called Flake Music. His childhood friend Neal Langford was on the guitar accompanied by Marty Crandall and Philip Higgs on bass. Jesse Sandoval performed on drums. The band toured and explored their talents. Amongst the rest, James stood out. Before the new millennium saw its first dawn, Flake Music was already history; James kept at and in 1997 formed The Shins, this time with a completely different panel of seasoned musicians.
A few years passed before The Shins would have their first album released. It was called, Oh, Inverted World. Indie-pop remained to be the core of its music. The band performed at numerous venues all across the US, slowly gathering moss as it rolled down the hill to success. The singles which caught the ears of many indie-song lovers were, The Past and Pending and New Slang. The original music of this band became easily distinguished and people started recognizing their talent. After their fifth year since formation, the band planned to release their album. Before that happened, the band signed on for the lead song in a movie called, A Guy Thing. Critical acclaim and a growing fan base were definitely two things which were poised to stay with this soon-becoming-famous band. The music director of another Hollywood movie had heard the band perform live and offered rights to the music of Garden State. Fame has since then been synonymous with The Shins. Within seven years, the band was touring the world.
From Norway to Australia, and Japan to Canada, The Shins have performed in front of sold out crowds. 2007 was a special year for James Mercer. It saw the release of their third album titled, Wincing the Night Away. It became an instant hit and the album was sure to go platinum. It hit the Billboard Top 200 at number two. It was so good, that I-Tunes management gave them a contract to register their music and be the first band able to sell their videos online. The Grammy’s nominated The Shins for an award the following year. Although a very sad and very tragic moment, The Shins can be proud of being selected as the opening band at Heath Ledgers funeral. The Shins tickets are a great way for you to enjoy a fabulous live music concert that will be truly memorable.
Facebook seems to have taken over by the success of The Shins. Many pages are dedicated to this band and the fan base keeps on increasing.  By the end of this year, the band has announced its intentions to release its fourth album called, Port of Morrow. Out of the album, Simple Song was one of the songs that seem to have caught the public’s attention by storm.  No Matter what way anyone wants to put it, there is no confusion to the fact that the band is a realization of what many dwellers call the American Dream. They did not shoot to fame through any improper means. The focus and resolve, apart from their unprecedented hard work coupled with the leadership of James Mercer has led them to become a house hold name all over the globe. This is a brilliant opportunity for you to grab cheap The Shins tickets and experience a live music event that will be exciting and captivating.