The Decemberists Chicago Tickets

The Decemberists Chicago Tickets

The Decemberists are known for their simple yet intriguing music and lyrics. This indie rock band has variety of influences and experiments successfully with other genres too. Their songs range from lush ballets to upbeat pop. Most of their songs are written in storytelling fashion. These lyrics are reflection of how they feel about certain events, life’s propositions and sometimes the poetry is epic and even dark. This technique has worked for them as when they play their  music, you are either in a empty state of mind absorbing their music or you become a sound listener to what they intend to express through music. So unlike most of the other bands, the Decemberists’ music will keep you away from useless nostalgia. The Decemberists Chicago Tickets are out for sale now.

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The band was formed in 2000 and made their debut with release of an EP titles as 5 Star. Their first album first studio album Castways and Cutouts was released two years later. Coline Meloy is the lead singer of the band and also writes songs. Jenny Conlee, the only female member of the band, is plays accordion, piano, melodica, keyboards and hammond organ. Chris Funk plays bass guitar, piano, dobro, violin, banjo and theremin. John Moen is the backing vocalist and also plays drums and melodica while Nate Query is on bass guitar and string bass. Their discography includes 6 studio albums, 5 EPs, 9 singles and one DVD. Grab The Decemberists Chicago Tickets today!