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Performing for quite some time now, Jimmy Eat World never fails to deliver in albums and live shows for fans to remember. Jimmy Eat World has not only a high charting album, Chase This Light,  the story behind the band’s name is equally as appealing. Even Jimmy Eat World tickets buyers must have assumed otherwise that the name is not associated with vocalist/guitarist Jim Adkins.The origin of the name revolves around the childhood times of guitarist/vocalist Tom Linton’s smaller siblings who would fight all the time. Jimmy was the stronger and chubbier one and would always win against the eight year old Ed in the sibling battles. Ed would take revenge by drawing crayon drawings of Jimmy eating up the entire world with his big mouth and would put up the caption ‘Jimmy Eat World’.

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About Jimmy Eat World

The American-Rock band started off in 1993 and has released seven albums since. The band consists of four members; Jim Adkins as a vocalist, an occasional drummer and a guitarist, Tom Linton as a guitarist and a vocalist, Rick Burch on bass while Zach Lind on drums and percussions. Jimmy Eat World had put out a demo tape in 1993. Their One, Two, Three, Four was their first ever EP and came out in 1994. The very same year, they released a debut album titled Jimmy Eat World with Linton on vocals most of the time. Static Prevails was an album that they released in 1996 followed by Clarity in 1999. Jim Adkins had the vocals in Clarity. The album had quite a mix of songs by the punk-rock/‘emo-core’ group; Goodbye Sky Harbor has an interesting blend of various instruments and lasts for a good sixteen minutes, Crush has more to do with the heart and heartbreak and Your New Aesthetic has a bit of sarcasm going on. They also have a national hit from the album that goes by the Luck Denver Mint.
The Middle really did it for them in their next album ‘Bleed American’ with a Billboard Hot 100 number five spot. The album was later renamed Jimmy Eat World due to an unfortunate event in the country at the time. Jimmy Eat World was also a part of the Pop Disaster Tour with Green Day from mid April to around mid May in 2002. The band members had been touring after the album which was followed by a hit lead single Pain in the album Futures in 2004. Other songs in this album were all quite typical to the band’s signature style, though Just Tonight had a bit of a rock feel to it.
Chase This Light was their sixth album released in 2007. The band decided to produce the album themselves with help from John Fields, Chris Testa and Butch Vig. My New Theory was a hit number in their Invented album released in 2010. The Modern Rock survey also gave them a second spot for the song. The much anticipated eighth studio album Damage finally came out in April 2013 after the fans kept track all along through Twitter updates. This album, too, deals with the previously sung ‘breakup’ topics but this time there is a bit of a mature touch to the entire thing.
The four member group has also been nominated for awards such as 2002 Billboard Music Awards, Best Rock Video in the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards and for Choice Rock Track and Choice Rock Group in the 2005 Choice Teen Awards. Jimmy Eat World has announced to tour in mid 2013. Fans have always commented on their performances as highly energetic and even after two decades of music history, cheap Jimmy Eat World tickets sell out quick. The band even ends their performance in a very novel way; they take snap shots towards the end of a concert to tweet it later on.