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Of all the music genres, rock music is one of the most followed genres all across the world. As a whole, rock music enjoys continually growing loyal fan following in various nooks of the world. With this growing popularity, many rock bands kept on emerging on the mainstream music industry. And as the genre grew more and more, it made way to several sub genres over the decades. Alternative rock is among the most popular sub-genres which has earned a massive following over the years.
Rock music has its roots embedded in 1940s when it emerged as derivative form of rock and roll music, which itself was closely inspired by genres like country and R&B. Even though the roots of the rock music can be traced back to 1940, major development and innovations were made during the 1960s in United States and United Kingdom mostly. As this rapidly growing genre progressed, it started incorporating other genres such as classical and jazz music. Unlike pop music, rock music is all about playing live instruments even during the recording sessions. As far as the basic instruments of the rock music are concerned, they are electric guitar, bass guitar and a set of drums. However, with recent developments and innovations in the genre, the number and types of instruments used in a rock song has drastically increased as well. Although a typical rock song mainly relies upon the use of the usual verse-chorus form, it doesn’t remain to be a hard and fast rule as far as the modern day rock music is concerned. Lyrically, rock songs address a wide variety of topics ranging from addressing political or social issues or a love song.
With constant development and innovation of the genre, it grew as much as to be divided up into sub genres. The most basic of those sub genres are soft rock and hard rock. Soft rock mostly relies upon acoustic guitars and melodies while hard rock is all about electric guitars, riffs and intensity. Out of hard rock, there came another form of rock music during late 1980s that became to be known as the Alternative rock music or simply Alternative. Alt rock received mainstream popularity during the 1990s and 2000s, and various alt rock bands emerged from different parts of the globe. The genre basically originated from United States and United Kingdom, and there it enjoys massive following. With several bands working in that genre, alternative 2015 tickets seldom see a low demand at any time of the year. At any given time in the year, one or the other alt rock band are on tour, sparking interest of the fans in cheap alternative tickets.
As a genre, Alternative rock differs in several ways from the original rock genre and all its other sub genres. It is because of the bands like R.E.M, Violent Femmes, Poets of the Fall, Puddle of Mudd, Goo Goo Dolls, Queens of the Stone age, Green Day and many more, that the alternative rock enjoys constantly growing fan base. So if you happen to be a fan of the genre, alternative tickets will certainly help you see your favorite act live. 


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