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Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons also known as simply “The Four Seasons” is a rock and pop band from America. Frankie Valli, its front man, was born in 1934 and has entertained the crowd for more than four decades. Frankie Valli is well known throughout the world for his falsetto voice and sort of reminiscence of doo-wop music. The band was formed in 1956 under the name “The Four Lovers” but was changed into “The Four Seasons” in 1960 when Bob Gaudio joined Frankie Valli. Initially, even the change of name didn’t bring much success to the band, as Gaudio and Valli were turned down by recording studios.

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The Four Seasons released their very first super hit track in 1992, written by none other than Gaudio himself. The song was titled “Sherry” after some discussion among the band members. When the song managed to appear on American Bandstand, it topped many of the pop charts.”Sherry” led to the bands very first gold record. “Sherry” was followed by yet another hit called “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. Both of the tracks remained on the Number One hits for about five weeks each.
Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons had finally found their path and made their major breakthrough. Their tunes were refined and further success was scored with the tracks; “Candy Girl”, “Walk Like a Man”, “Rag Doll” etc. With British invasion, American artists’ careers were in jeopardy. Even then The Four Seasons didn’t have a single bump along the road. Instead, during 1964, they released 3 songs to make it to the Top 5 list.
Frankie Valli, while still sticking on to The Four Seasons, decided to go solo in 1966. The start of his solo career was a blast, as he made it to the Top 40 with his song “You’re Gonna Hurt Yourself”. During the same year his classic track, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” made it to the #1, followed by more hits; “To Give (the Reason I Live)” and “I Make A Fool of Myself”. At the same time The Four Seasons was making its way too. The track “Let’s Hang On” peaked #3 on pop charts and had 3 Top 40 entries along with the gold selling song “C’mon Marianne”.
Frankie Valli went platinum in 1974 again. The success was led by the song “My Eyes Adored You”. “Swearin’ to God” went gold the same year. The same success was followed by 1978’s “Grease”. In 1987, “Big Girl’s Don’t Cry” made it into a TV movie “Babycakes”, while “December 1963 (Oh What a Night)” broke all the records by remaining on the charts for 50 weeks!
Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, the legendary combo, has been featured in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame of 1990. They have been declared by the Billboard Magazine as “longevity champ of the rock era”. The band has a record of having a number of songs that topped the charts in every decade. Frankie Valli has sold over 100 million records in his musical career and together with The Four Seasons, he has scored about 29 Top 40 hits. The Four Seasons have sold 175 million albums and is counted among the best-selling bands of all times. It is also claimed to have been the most famous band of 60’s before “The Beatles” came into the field.
Although the members have changed throughout the decades, The Four Seasons is still kept together by Frankie Valli and Bob Gaudio. Gaudio no longer goes live, but Frankie Valli continues to entertain his audience even in the 21st century. He calls himself “that bunny from the ad that goes on and on”. He says that he will tour and sing as long as his fans will want to hear him. Valli’s fans never decrease in number and the venues are sold days before the concerts. If you wish to watch him live too, get your Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Tickets now!

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