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Super Top Dog New York will be an amazing event that has been held at the Apollo Night for many years as the culmination of its Amateur Night series, which features some of the best rising stars in American music. It is renowned as an event that has propelled some of the biggest names in music and is thus one of the hottest concerts to buy Super Top Dog New York tickets for, for those in the big apple. Described as the tumultuous climax of the Amateur Night season, it features stars from the show at the Apollo Theatre, competing for the chance of being the Super Top Dog.

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About Amateur Night At The Apollo Super Top Dog New York Tickets

In 2011, three acts won the title of Super Top Dog; Unknown Lyric, Moses Harper and Keith Davenport. The first two tied at first place as the Amateur Night Winners and Keith Davenport won the prestigious Stars of Tomorrow event. This year, many great artists are competing and performing at this event, which has been known for drawing and launching some of the biggest stars in music.
 The Amateur Nights, of which the Super Top Dog is the grand finale, was where Ella Fitzgerald debuted in the world of singing at the age of seventeen in 1934, winning the first prize.  The theatre and this event continued to be known, often being dubbed as the place where ‘stars are born and legends are made’. It is known for launching the careers of the likes of Diana Ross, The Jackson 5 including Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Sarah Vaughn, Machine Gun Kelly, Ne–Yo and James Brown, amongst others, many of whom were seen performing with cheap Super Top Dog New York tickets.