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Hip-hop and contemporary R&B fans are in for a treat. Singer songwriter Jeremih is ready to hit the road with his soulful tracks. The artist will begin his trek all over the US from July this year and fans are already rushing to grab their Jeremih tickets. With his latest album “All About You”, Jeremih is ready to make 2015 a memorable one.

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About Jeremih


An Artist is Born

Born in 1988 and hailing from Chicago Illinois, Jeremih Felton, from the start, possessed an innate ability to create music. Raised by his mother and grandmother, Jeremih played the saxophone, piano, drums, quads and bass guitar even before entering high school. For this talented youngster, singing was more of a way of life than just a past time.  While other kids his age wanted video games and toys for Christmas, Jeremih grew up getting musical instruments from his mom who made sure he got every opportunity to develop his passion.


Self Realization and Education

Mostly self-taught, Jeremih received no professional help with his music education. Surprisingly, Jeremih quickly developed vocal skills he never believed he had and started performing at school events. With an excellent academic record, Jeremih enrolled in the engineering science program at the University of Illinois after graduating high school. However, the music events on campus were too big a distraction for the young artist who eventually decided to join the Columbia College in Chicago, a liberal arts institute.


Turning Point

Jeremih’s love for performing sprung from a talent show where he was supposed to play Stevie Wonder. A big fan of the music legend, it was at this performance where Jeremih experienced the energy that emanates from the crowd. This event was transformative as Jeremih discovered his talent. He says of himself “I guess you could say I am more of a rapper turned singer”. Once he discovered the right balance in his music and vocals, there was no stopping this gifted musician.


Collaborations and Early Successes

In college Jeremih struck a partnership with producer Mick Schultz who recorded their first track together. The song “My Ride” played regularly on the radio and earned the duo quite a few nods of approval. Schultz also helped him land a record deal with the famous Def Jam and collaborated closely on the singer’s self-titled debut album “Jeremih”.  Shultz proved to be both a mentor and motivator to Jeremih. The duo successfully collaborated on Jeremih’s debut album “Jeremih” in 2009. His first single “Birthday Sex” was an instant hit, reaching the fourth spot on Billboard Hot Hip-Hop/R&B Singles charts. It became the hottest bedroom ballad of the year and proved to be Jeremih’s magnum opus.


A Star is Born

The following year, Jeremih released his second album on Def Jam “All About You” in 2010. The album sold 18,000 copies in its first week, ranked number 27 on the Billboard 200 and secured the eighth position on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. The 11-song album produced together with Mick Schultz received critical acclaim and included singles like “I Like”, “Love Don’t Change” and a 3D video for the song “Down on Me”. The celebrated singer is working on his upcoming album “Late Nights: The Album” which is due to be released in September this year. The album will feature 12 singles and has already created quite a buzz among Jeremih fans.


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