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Two hard hitting rocks bands will soon be taking to the stage together at the Pop Evil Candlelight Red concert. This is a double dose of rock that will keep fans of the genre dancing and grooving from the start all the way to the end. With the concert not too far away now, this is your chance to buy Pop Evil Candlelight Red tickets and be a part of it live. Pop Evil Candlelight Red promises to be a special occasion for fans in attendance and a lot of that is down to the two groups who will be headlining it. First up are “Pop Evil,” the rock group who have been among the most sought after groups of their era. “Leigh Kakaty” came up with an idea to form a new band in the first year of 2000’s.

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About Pop Evil Candlelight Red

Pop Evil first stepped into the world of mainstream music with an album they had produced independently. It was titled “War of the Roses” and it came out in 2004. An EP with three tracks then followed and that got the band their first recording deal. That was the break they were looking for and came out with their first major debut album “Lipstick on the Mirror.” It did fairly well and a few songs went on to do quite well on charts. They followed that up with numerous tours and performances at various festivals which took their popularity to a whole new level. After a break of around three years Pop Evil came out with their next album “War of Angels” in 2011. The song “Last Man Standing” got a lot of airplay and that played a big part in helping the album do quite well on multiple charts around the country.
Then came their next album “Onyx” on 14th May, 2013. Just like the previous two releases went on to do pretty well on the charts as well. Onyx went as high as ninth spot on the independent charts and captured third place on US Rock charts to cement Pop Evil’s place among the biggest names in the business. Joining them on stage at the Pop Evil Candlelight Red concert will be a relatively new group. Candlelight Red haven’t been on the circuit for a long time but that still hasn’t stopped them from making headlines with the kind of music they come out with. Candlelight Red was incepted by “Josh Hetrick” and “Adam Zimmer.” The two of them used to play together in a college group named “Slept On.” New faces were added to the ranks and the band started to take to stages around the country. Candlelight Red then decided to perform at the prestigious National Guitar Center “Onstage” competition. They were in the company of a staggering ten thousand other groups from all over the country. Candlelight Red came out trumps and that provided them with the chance to open for the legendary “KISS.”
The group then hit the studio and came out with their first album titled “The Wreckage” in the year 2011 which turned a lot of heads and announced their arrival to mainstream rock music. They followed it up with tours and various performances at different events. The EP “Demons” took their popularity a step or two further. Their second studio album “Reclamation” is expected to carry on that trend. The Pop Evil Candlelight Red is all about two amazing rock groups joining hands to perform for fans of the genre. Together these talented performers will rock the show like only they can. This is your chance to grab cheap Pop Evil Candlelight Red tickets and be a part of a live concert that will for sure leave you rocking.

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