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What do you get when two of the world's biggest rock bands join forces to unleash their edgy and visceral vibes upon their legions of fans. Why the Chicago The Doobie Brothers phenomenon of course. Both these acts have been hammering out their monstrous melodies for more than four decades and are still going strong. Both have sold close to 40 million records and counting and have amassed a treasure trove of gold and platinum certifications for their respective rocking repertories. Their records have dominated the Billboard 200 charts throughout the decades and have struck top-ten numerous times, seven for The Doobie Brothers and ten for Chicago. Collectively, they have six Billboard 200 topping albums to their credit, with Chicago having struck a resounding consecutive quartet during the 1970s. Lock down some cheap Chicago The Doobie Brothers tickets now for facing a rock laden barrage of hit melodies and bear down on you like a high-pressure musical system.

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About Chicago The Doobie Brothers

During the 1960s, a new kind of breeze picked up in The Windy City and soon transformed into a gale that started blowing away rock listeners everywhere with its musical muscle. Chicago formed out of DePaul University and the seminal group comprised of Walter Parazaider on the reeds, Lee Loughnane on the trumpets and Trombonist specialist James Pankow. The threesome gained their initial musical mileage by doing the rounds of the local club circuit, playing everything from R&B to Irish music. The band finally "arrived" in the mainstream scene with their debut album The Chicago Transit Authority was given a self-titled moniker by the band after the actual "Chicago Transit Authority" threatened to sue them for copyright. Your Chicago The Doobie Brothers tickets will let you transit to a higher level of rock consciousness so claim some now.
Nonetheless, Chicago's burgeoning rock vibes were boosted to the 17th spot on Billboard 200 and the following three albums rammed their way into the top-ten slot, with Chicago V through Chicago IX ruling the roost on the same charts. Chicago X and Chicago XI kept the band holding their top-ten status with Chicago 16 and Chicago 17 reprising the top-ten performance, peaking at the 9th and the 4th spots respectively. Chicago scored up to 21 top-ten singles on Billboard's Hot 100, including a trifecta of number ones, namely "If You Leave Me Now," "Hard to Say I'm Sorry" and "Look Away". You surely will find it hard to be sorry after bagging some cheap Chicago The Doobie Brothers tickets.
Rather than being blood brothers, The Doobie Brothers' initial line up in 1969 consisted of Tom Johnston on the guitars, John Hartman on the drums and Dave Shogren on the bass as well as Patrick Simmons on the guitars as well. After being initiated into the music industry's cabal following a deal with Warner Bros. in 1970, The Doobie Brothers released a self-titled debut album that bombed at the charts. However, The Doobie Brothers picked up the slack with their sophomore offering Toulouse Street in 1972 and saw it climb to the 21st spot on Billboard 200, eventually going platinum. They are sure to win you over as well at the Chicago The Doobie Brothers gig. With the following two records breaking into the top-ten slot on Billboard 200, as well as going back-to-back double platinum, the next trio kept up the top-ten residence of The Doobie Brothers. 1978's Minute by Minute topped the Billboard 200 chart and also earned a triple-platinum certification. 1980's One Step Closer was their last record to be released by Warner Bros. and was in fact two steps closer to the top spot at #3 as well as in having a single platinum certification. The Doobie Brothers' latest record World Gone Crazy sees the brotherly bunch again climbing up the charts by becoming a top-40 album. The eclectic melodies emanating forth at the Chicago The Doobie Brothers happening will definitely make you "go crazy". 
Chicago clinched their sole "Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group" Grammy in 1977 for "If You Leave Me Now". However, they have made up more for it by amassing more than three dozen platinum and a quartet of gold certifications, the former lot including the penta-platinum certified Chicago IX – Chicago's Greatest Hits and Greatest Hits 1982–1989 as well as the hepta-platinum Chicago 17. So secure some Chicago The Doobie Brothers tickets now for having your auditory senses blasted to smithereens by their combined symphonic salvo.

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