Bonzo Bash John Bonham Tribute Tickets

Bonzo Bash John Bonham tribute is one music gathering that every rocker would love to attend. This is a tribute to one of the world’s best drummer named John Bonham. Rolling Stone Magazine rated Bonham at the top on its list of best drummers of all time. Surely Bonham cannot be rated any lower than this as he was the best ever in his field. This will be a great tribute to a great musician so everyone is invited. Buy Bonzo Bash John Bonham tribute tickets now.

Buy Bonzo Bash John Bonham Tribute Tickets

About Bonzo Bash John Bonham Tribute

The tribute event is the brainchild of an immensely gifted drummer named Brian Tichy. This fine musician has been active in the music industry for almost three decades now. Tichy was born in Denville, New Jersey in 1968. He graduated from the world renowned Berklee College of Music in 1990. He usually plays music in genres like new wave, glam metal and hard rock. Tichy is a man of diverse talents as he is not just a drummer but also a record producer and lyricist. He can fluently play other instruments such as guitars, percussions and bass.
During his career Tichy has been associated with a number of popular artists and bands in rock music. He has worked with groups like White Snake, Pride and Glory, Foreigner, Seether, Velvet Revolver, Lynch Mob and Slash’s Snakepit. Tichy has also played drums for acclaimed solo rock and metal artists like Billy Idol, Sass Jordan, Glen Hughes, Myra Roxx and Ozzy Osbourne. Tichy uses Gibson guitars, Natal drums with Paiste cymbals and remo drum skins. From a long time he has been signed with Sanctuary Records.
John Bonham was the drummer of legendary hard rock and metal group Led Zeppelin. It is Bonham to whom all musicians will be paying tribute at the Bonzo Bash. Bonham was born in Redditch, England in 1948. While he was just a five year old kid, he had already started to learn drums. He continued to play drums without any formal training lessons. While in his teens he did seek advice on drum techniques from a number of local drummers in his town. Soon the passion of Bonham was cited by founding member of Led Zeppelin, acclaimed guitarist Jimmy Page. This was the start of a rocking era for Zeppelin and the band went on to become an icon of metal and hard rock.
Bonham died while he was in his early thirties but during his career, he did manage to record hit numbers like “When the Levee Breaks,” “Achilles Last Stand,” “Misty Mountain Hop,” “Fool in the Rain,” “Immigrant Song” and “The Ocean.” A number of seasoned drummers have been influenced by the work of John Bonham such as Peter Criss, Dave Lombardo, Tommy Lee and Joey Kramer. Bonham is placed at #1 on the list of 50 Greatest Drummers in Rock by Classic Rock Magazine. has also placed Bonham at the top on its list of 50 Greatest Rock Drummers. He is also often called the king of rock drumming. Allmusic has described Bonham as one of the most influential, well-known and important drummers in rock music. John Bonham used Ludwig drums, paiste cymbals, remo drum skins, Ludwig speed king bass pedal with heavy and long drumsticks.
Bonzo Bash John Bonham tribute is one concert that will be featuring some of the best drummers of modern times. Most of these drummers respect and cite Bonham as their major music influence. This will be one rocking experience that you simply can’t afford to miss. You surely want to attend this event and have been looking for some reasonably priced tickets. Well now you can get cheap Bonzo Bash John Bonham tickets so don’t wait and start rocking.

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