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Gary Stroutsos is a flute player and storyteller with a Native American background. He has used his roots and his time spent in travelling to fashion this unusual career where he simultaneously plays music and tells folktales from his birthplace and stories of his ancestors. The music that he plays goes hand in hand with the kind of stories he narrates, for he plays traditional tunes that have legends of their own behind them. His shows are usually as educational as they are mesmerizing. Buy Gary Stroutsos tickets to be part of this unique experience.

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About Gary Stroutsos

Stroutsos began his career with Danilo Lozano who was a flute player himself and was someone who drew inspiration from his Afro Cuban descent. Together, they would perform at cultural shows, each sharing what they learnt from their own traditions. He began to understand better the context in which the songs were composed, making it easier for him to relay the thoughts to his audiences. In this journey, he was later joined by Paul Thompson, another flute player of Navajo background. He learnt a lot from the musician and together, they explored the Native American tales in more depth. They had the pleasure to record in the “Canyon de Chelly”, which is an important landmark holding spiritual importance in Navajo.
Stroutsos considers himself as a great student of flute masters. He spent many years listening to the Afro Cuban players and would study their music to better understand it. Once he was proficient in understanding this music, he could use his own talent with the flute and throw it in the mix. This helped him later on in his recording career. Studying the tunes of Ronaldo Lozano, Roland Kirk, Herbie Mann and Miles Davis among others also helped him with developing the jazz elements of his own sound.
Another reason why he makes for a good live show is that he is largely an improvisational performer. He creates as he goes and is an expert in it. A theme that is apparent in all his shows is of listening to your inner voice because they always lead towards a better place, a lesson taught to him my James Newton, his jazz teacher. These are the kinds of values he wants to put out to the up and coming performers. Moreover, because he has spent so much of his life studying the masters of this art form, he feels like it is his responsibility to carry on their legacy so it is preserved for the future generations as well. He has often said that he is inspired by the depth of emotion that each performer puts into his flute playing and vows to keep being honest to them. He has even had the honor of meeting and playing with nearly everyone he calls his hero, and everyone he has used as motivation when starting his career.
In 1973, he had attended the concert at the “Avery Fisher Hall” where Roland Kirk played for the “Newport Jazz Festival”. He recalls being moved to tears by the honesty of Kirk’s performance and the power it held. On another occasion, he had the chance of meeting with Herbie Mann on the Alki Beach where he asked him about being a flute player. Other than artists from his own art form, he has also been inspired by Mongo Santamaria, a conga player from Cuba whom he had met in Seattle’s Jazz Alley.
Stroutsos is all about playing music that reflects the way he views the world. It is the natural world that encourages him to compose by becoming his muse. Moreover, the folktales and the strong cultural practices of his ethnicity also help him in being a spontaneous player and in creating his own sound. He uses his talent as a way of self reflection and truly baring his soul to himself. He challenges himself everyday to be creative and effervescent with his performances.
People with cheap Gary Stroutsos tickets will be in for a unique cultural and spiritual experience that will educate them and inspire them to know more about the customs around them. Moreover, his talent with the silver flute is bound to move even those who are skeptical about the show.

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