Credited for making ventriloquism super entertaining, Jeff Dunham and his eccentric characters are coming to Atlantic City. Borgata Events Center will be buzzing with laughter and shouts of “Silence! I keel you!” as the ace comedian makes his way to the arena. Get your hands on Jeff Dunham Atlantic City tickets right away.

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Reasons Why Fans Love Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham reintroduced a unique form of comedy with ventriloquism and it’s hard to find a name other than his and Terry Fator’s in the genre. Let’s find out why fans love this dynamic performer.


·         Jeff Dunham’s shows are all about ingenuity and freshness. He brings more than 10 characters to stage, including the all-time favorites Peanut, Walter, Bubba J, Achmed Junior, Sweet Daddy Dee and José Jalapeño on a Stick. His live performance is more of an ensemble show in which each puppet brings out its unique personality.


·         Despite being one of the top comedians in the US, Dunham continues to evolve. He not only keeps on polishing his own acts but also introduces new characters from time to time. Broadening the character Achmed the Dead Terrorist’s world,              he introduced his estranged son Achmed Junior.


·         A gifted comedian, Jeff Dunham is also known for his spontaneity. He’s able to think on his feet and on several occasions has treated the audience to impromptu moments.


·         As if his hilarious comedy wasn’t enough, Dunham also publicizes his bloopers and outtakes on video sharing sites. And believe it or not, they are funnier than his planned acts.



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