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Donald McKinley Glover, better known as Donald Glover is an American rapper, musician, comedian, writer, and an actor. He came to lime light as a member of a sketch comedy group, called Derrick Comedy. He became a household name as Troy Barnes, a community college student in NBC’s comedy series, Community. It is interesting to note that he is often confronted with people who take him to be Danny Glover’s son, till he tells them that he is actually Crispin Glover’s son. He is the winner of the Writers Guild of America Award for his work on the third season of 30 Rock.

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About Donald Glover

Glover describes his upbringing as “unusual”. Born in California and raised in Georgia, he grew up in a foster home, run by his mother. He acknowledges that the fact he grew up in a foster home had an affect on his comedic outlook on life. “My parents had a lot of foster kids living with us, and a lot of my stuff is autobiographical – stuff that weirded me out as a kid.” He has a degree in Dramatic Writing from New York University (NYU).
Glover, who has described himself as “not cool but nerdy while at school” co-founded Derrick Comedy along with Dan Eckman, DC Pierson, Meggie McFadden, and Dominic Dierkes, while still at NYU. The comedy team’s videos were a huge hit on YouTube. The team also wrote, produced and starred in Mystery Team. The movie, which was Sundance midnight selection was released in 2009. Glover calls it “an homage to ‘Encyclopedia Brown.”’ Presently, he is involved in writing two movies. An upcoming movie, Muppets, will see Glover’s cameo. This movie is created by Jason Segel and James Bobin. He’ll be starring in The Hand Job, as well.
NBC gave Glover his first big break into the entertainment industry with its hit series Community. He worked alongside Chevy Chase and Joel McHale. He is also a writer, who has been duly recognized for his writing skills on NBC’s 30 Rock. Matter of fact, he was still at NYU when he got the staff writer gig with the NBC. He calls that experience, a life changer. “It changed my life – and my comedy. Tina Fey took me under her wing and really pushed me to find my own voice. Going in, I didn’t really know who I was comedically, but coming out (after writing there for the first three seasons) I felt far more confident.”
His famous personality has been part of the rumors as well. It was once rumored that he would play Barack Obama on Saturday Night Live. He later refuted anything of the sorts and cleared the air on his Facebook profile. Staying on the topic of social networking sites, and moving from Facebook to twitter, a campaign was started that Glover be auditioned for the Spider-Man movie. He was to play the part of Peter Parker, the leading character in the movie. This call for his audition was supported by the movie’s writer, Brian Michael Bendis and its creator, Stan Lee. However, Glover was unable to secure that audition.
Donald Glover is a stand-up comedian too. He has been on Comedy Central doing stand-up comedy. He has also been a host of mtvU Woodie Awards. Glover was on Gap’s Holiday ad campaign as well.
Multi-talented Glover is a music producer and DJ, too. His music, which is downloadable from his official site, is a variety of electronic and remixed music. He raps under the name Childish Gambino. Glover, as Childish Gambino has released three critically acclaimed albums like Sick Boi, Poindexter, and Culdesac. Two mixtapes were also released by him under the names I Am Just A Rapper and I Am Just A Rapper 2. His lyrics touch upon subjects like alcoholism, suicidal thoughts, troubled romantic relationships, schoolyard bullying, and family.
The man who has been known by names like Bam-B, Bambini, Ms. Long-Lady Stanhope, Sir Durton Cloud 9, and cheezy, wishes to be a reincarnation of the late and legendary, Michael Jackson. Judge him for yourself by buying your Donald Glover Tickets now! 
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