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Ever since the BBC Concert Orchestra was established in 1952, it has grown to become one of the most versatile and recognized orchestras, whether one is considering musicals, operas and ballet performances presented on stage, the radio or on the television. If you wish to watch an upcoming show by the famed orchestra, all you need to do is make your way to their next performance by getting your hands on cheap BBC Concert Orchestra tickets, as they are up for grabs now at the best rates.

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About BBC Concert Orchestra

Some of the most appreciated and attended shows produced by this company include the operas Aida and Madam Butterfly and concert performances that showcased the music of Ornette Coleman, Michael Nayman and ABBA. Other orchestral shows featured soundtracks of BBC television programs such as Walking with Dinosaurs, Planet Earth, Wild Down Under, The Key and ZingZillas. Those interested in becoming a part of similar shows should consider buying BBC Concert Orchestra tickets immediately.
The BBC Orchestra is a sister company of the BBC Theatre Orchestra which came into existence back in 1931. The concert orchestra was then formed in order to establish an auxiliary production house that would cater specifically to the performing arts. Its first conductor was Leslie Woodgate who was appointed to the post in 1952 and was then replaced within a year’s time due to deteriorating health concerns. Woodgate’s position was taken on by Stanford Robinson who was in charge till 1946. At this time, BBC was mainly involved in the production of musicals as regular performances, apart from holding a few variety concerts here and there. Based in the city of Bedford, the concert orchestra consisted of thirty one performers and due to its increasing popularity; the number of performers were increased to fifty seven. Then in 1949, due to its dual nature of being an opera and a orchestra company, more performers were added, increasing the number to sixty three.
Before the establishment of the concert orchestra company, the BBC Theatre Orchestra was given the name “The Plain Man’s Symphony Orchestra." This name was suggested by the conductor Stanford Robinson; however confusions grew amidst the audiences as to what the true nature of the company was. To cater to this, Robinson decided to establish a sister company in 1952 named BBC Concert Orchestra that would cater to concert performances and changed the name of the parent company, from “The Plain Man’s Symphony Orchestra” to the BBC Theatre Orchestra, which would cater to opera shows in particular. At this point Stanford resigned from the post of the principal conductor and became the guest conductor for BBC. His place was taken by Gilbert Vinter who decided to reduce the number of artists in the parent company from sixty three to forty five and move the eighteen performers to the concert orchestra company. The debut show that this company performed was on the radio of the BBC General Overseas Service on the eleventh of September, 1952. It later premiered on the local platform on the fourteenth of September the same year. The concert orchestra saw many design changes and reconstructions in forthcoming years that were brought about to establish a more orderly repertoire. These changes were brought forward by Vinter, whose place was then taken by Sir Charles Mackerras in the year 1954. After Mackerras’s appointment, the number of performers was increased from forty five to fifty four and the company started touring throughout Wales and England. The number of public appearances grew rapidly adding to its popularity, and the company initiated one of its longest running opera theatricals, “Friday Night is Music Night” which is still broadcasted over the BBC Radio 2. It also started performing in numerous music festivals such as the Light Music Festival of London.
Currently the BBC Concert Orchestra provides audiences with everything from West End Musicals to Broadway presentations and fully staged opera shows. The company has worked with numerous artists over the years such as Pet Shop Boys, Maxim Vengerov, Electric Proms, Michael Nayman, Bryn Terfel, Kavita Krishnamurti and Burt Bacharach amongst numerous others. If you are interested in becoming a part of one of the classiest opera performances, all you need to do is purchase BBC Concert Orchestra tickets as soon as possible.

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