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Iamdynamite is an indie rock duo with guitarist Christopher Martin and drummer Chris Phillips as the founding members. The group is ready for a tour and all set to perform near you.  Iamdynamite tickets are selling like hot cakes as the fans are eager to watch this incredible band live. The duo with their music vision and distinct sound emerged into Detroit’s rock scene to give unique music. Starting off their career by performing in a number of college shows, Iamdynamite soon received its big break with the release of its debut EP in 2008.

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About Iamdynamite

The band features a drum kit with a simple guitar and its clever harmonies, guitar riffs, undeniable boogie hooks and fist-pounding drums are quite popular with the fans. The distinctive sound of the group is filled with calculated, sharp guitar lines along with driving explosive drum rhythms. The group is making a mark in the music scene at a blazing speed. Iamdynamite is recognized for its party-like live music shows having a huge sound. The band has come up with one EP Mahoney and a full-length studio album Supermegafantastic. The group rose to more fame in 2011, when it launched its first tour from coast to coast to support its record. The album consists of explosive, energetic songs. With such numbers and exciting music the future for them seems bright. The group has filmed some interesting music videos such as “Ms. Jones” and “Turn Off The Lights”. The videos received a number of awards like Make a Star's Best Music Video twice. 

Iamdynamite is a spirited duo with unique sound and high energy live shows. With a smooth approach to songwriting the pair quickly became popular with their eye-catching videos and super-energized live music shows. The band’s live performances are highly praised and producer Matt Noveskey has commented about the sound of the duo as “The harmonies are the nucleus of the whole thing, really”. The band has bombastic drums and 70s guitar and the group reflects shades of some of the older groups including The Police, Modest Mouse, the Beach Boys and Weezer.

The group has constantly toured across the United States since its inception in 2008 and has performed for sold out Iamdynamite tickets. Only on its music strength, Iamdynamite made its way to the US Top 40 Modern Rock chart. The group’s video “Where Will We Go” received more than 250,000 views in just a short time. Stylistically, the group has been illustrated as a big sound packed in a small box with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and upbeat tempos. The pair strives to inject energetic yet simple sound in its songs. 

When Iamdynamite was recording its most recent record, the members decided to completely eliminate the use of computer effects in its sound to make it seem natural. Although the group has come up with a short EP yet the ensemble has obtained recognition by producing two videos under Marty "Lazer" Stan’s direction. Alternative-Rock band Iamdynamite is all set to give an exciting performance live on stage for your entertainment once again. Cheap Iamdynamite tickets are easily available for you to get them. The prices will be very light on your pocket so get them soon. Currently, the group is gearing up for a yearlong tour and it also pleased to announce the appearance of The Virginmarys in some of its shows.

The duo is sure to put on a great show and entertain the audiences with its wonderful songs to dance on. The upbeat music of Iamdynamite will keep your heart racing all through the performance. Once you attend the show, you will love to see them again. The twosome keeps the audiences engaged by interacting with them and giving them an unforgettable time. Be there once, and you will want to go to see the duo live over and over again.

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