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Todd Oliver is an American ventriloquist belonging to Branson, who made it to America’s Got Talents semifinals. He has been in the field of comedy for three decades and is mainly famous for his “Talking Dog” act. Oliver is also a lover of animals and says that since all pet lovers wish at one point in their lives that their pets could talk, he has brought one to life. If you want to catch this talented comedians live act, now is the right time for securing cheap Todd Oliver tickets from us.

About Todd Oliver Tickets

Todd Oliver has always been a pet lover and in an interview told his fans that when he was little, he badly wanted his pet dog to talk to him. When he entered the field of ventriloquism, the idea struck him to present to the world a real time talking canine. His idea earned him a lot of fame, and today he is known for his exclusive Todd Oliver and the Talking Dog shows. During his five appearances on the famous television show America’s Got Talent, he managed to win the hearts of many fans from all across the United States.
Todd Oliver’s dog Irving talks to the nation in his live acts, telling them how wonderful his way of life is and about his hobbies. He narrates that he loves taking naps and is pretty proficient at it. His day consists of at least 20 – 30 naps. The time that he wakes up, he stretches a little and boom! There’s time for yet another nap. Over Oliver’s official website, Irving the dog “writes” pretty often and gets in contact with his fans from across the world, which is only when he gets the time from all the naps.
Todd Oliver being one of the most popular entertainers of his area often comes up with live shows, which are attended by hundreds of fans. Mixing comedy with ventriloquism, he presents some of the best acts to the public, making them laugh till their tummies hurt. He performs at theatres as well as at a number of comedy clubs across the country. Apart from his famous Boston Terrier talking dog act, who is famous for his witty insults and songs, Oliver also brings a number of other comedy acts to life.
Todd Oliver has made several television appearances. Recently he appeared at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He has also been seen on Live in Las Vegas, Sin City Sensational and in a couple of episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger. Oliver’s formula for live performances includes continuous participation of the crowd. His personalized shows include a number of acts that aren’t usually included in comedy live shows, the best part being, of course, the keeping of audience’ interest alive by making them a part of the show.  Apart from his hilarious acts, this is one main reason why his fans love him and he has won a huge following.
Todd Oliver has appeared in almost all of the major venues across the country and has been featured in a number of comedy shows, live and televised. He has a magical charisma about his personality which is adored by his fans. Other than Irving, Oliver brings to life characters such as Joey, a bad boy, Pops, an old timer who is confused with his own being and Miss Lily, the love of his life. His live acts, apart from bringing a lot of fun to its viewers also leaves them with a question striking against the walls of their minds: “How on Earth does Irving talk?”  Now Oliver is going to make a stop by your very own city and will be bringing his intriguing puppet friends to entertain you. To attend his live show, book Todd Oliver tickets right away!