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It’s time to buy the Cirque du Soleil Dralion Minneapolis tickets! The incredible Cirque du Soleil and its multilayered creative crew are all set to visit Minneapolis soon. Cirque du Soleil’s “Dranlion” show began as a touring event in the year 1999. The event combines elements from the traditional Chinese circus with modern-day circus from the west, truly complementing the statement “East meets West”. The show’s title too, comes from its 2 symbolic creatures; the lion representing the west and the dragon representing the east. In Dralion’s world, cultures merge together, nature and man become one and hence balance is attained.

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The show’s attires are vibrant and take inspiration from Indian, African and Chinese apparel. They blend perfectly with the actors’ choreography. Overall, there are about fifteen hundred wardrobe items specifically for the performance, wherein some performers change up to 4 costumes within a single enactment. Now to witness this unique acrobatic prowess, get hold of your cheap Cirque du Soleil Dralion Minneapolis tickets from our website!
It is the Cirque du Soleil’s twelfth touring creation as well as the 1st one by Cirque since the year 1985, which is not directed by the Italian-Belgian director Franco Dragone. This year, the event will be held at the Target Center arena in the downtown area of Minneapolis, Minnesota. With the arena’s capacity of over twenty-thousand individuals, it serves as a great venue for mega events like the Cirque du Soleil Dralion Minneapolis show. So be there!

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A:You can buy as many Cirque Du Soleil Dralion Minneapolis Tickets from our website as you want as we put no limitation in this regard.