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The playful and the joyous Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan show is an inspiring musical masterpiece that is ready to grace the stage very soon. It is a musical adaptation of the Peter Pan classic tale written by J. M. Barrie in 1904. The former gymnast now turned Broadway actress, Cathy Rigby plays the title role of this upbeat production. Rigby has many laurels to her credit; she has won Distinguished Lifetime Service Award, Ovation Lifetime Achievement Award and the National Broadway Theatre Award. This former Olympic gymnast has also been inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame. She has also received the title of America's Most Influential Women in Sports during her career with ABC Sports.

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About Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan

Having received a hard core theatrical training for seven long years, Rigby decided to enter the arena of performing arts. She first played the title role of Peter Pan in 1991 and 1998 on Broadway. In 1991, she was nominated for the Tony award for being the best leading actress of the Broadway production of Peter Pan. Hollywood Soapbox states: "You haven’t experienced Peter Pan unless you’ve experienced Cathy Rigby.” Rigby’s production company is responsible for composing the Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan masterpiece. Premiered in 1954, the story has not grown old and continues to draw people of all ages.  
The timeless Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan production has maintained its appeal to generations. The creation does not require grand sets to make it wonderful, the real beauty lies in its performance. You cannot ask for a better cast than this one. Cathy Rigby has emulated Peter Pan better than all the other performers in the past. Rigby with her compact muscular build and husky voice plays the role of a fearless tomboy who refuses to grow old. It seems as if this ever youthful lady is born to play this role. She has played the delightfully gripping role of a boy and his marvelous adventures in Never Land.
The rich and vibrant set is designed by John Iacovelli which is as awesome as the show itself. The costumes are designed by Shigeru Yaji, acoustics by Julie Ferrin and lighting by Michael Gilliam which creates a magical atmosphere all set to lighten up your mood.  The script is very well written and choreographed and therefore captures the interests of all age groups from beginning to the end. The children will particularly love the incredible flying sequences of the performers. The amazing dance pieces are also handled superbly by the talented cast. The performers enjoy as much as the audience by delivering their precise, energetic dances.
The sharp, athletic and exuberant Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan production is truly a wide eye excitement. The flips, spins and the floats are the biggest highlight of the evening.  You will be surely blown away with the breathtaking drumming sequence, acrobatic moves and the aerial arts. Rigby has a charismatic personality; from singing, acting to flying, she possesses all elements to inspire people.  The musical masterpiece is going to dazzle your evening, so if you are thinking to have some family fun, cheap Cathy Rigby Is Peter Pan tickets is the best option for you.
The songs in the backdrop like I Won’t Grow up, I'm Flying and Never Land completely harmonize with the production. The brilliant Cathy Rigby is an absolute showstopper of the evening. Her final flight towards the audience while sprinkling pixie dust is simply fantastic. The way she soars midair is a real visual feast. All the children have a reason to celebrate as they can see Cathy Rigby flying high in this upbeat childhood classic. Cathy Rigby Is Peter Pan tickets are in great demand during the season because the Emmy winning and Tony nominated Broadway production is out on a road tour once again.

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