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Having its roots tracing back to as early as ancient Greek civilization, Gymnastics has prospered and grown substantially over the modern times. Gymnasts from all parts of the world have been enjoying viewers appraisal for centuries in one way or the other, and in modern day this presentation of physical flexibility and agility has gone on to the next level. All the gymnastics related sporting events are coordinated by Federation Internatinale de Gymnastique internationally; however most of the countries have their own governing bodies that work in coordination with the FIG.
In ancient times, only male gymnasts competed in the events. But over centuries, female gymnasts have also made their way to the main stage. Present day gymnastic competition mainly include floor exercise, balancing on un even bars, vault, balance beam, pommel horse, parallel bars, still rings and high bar. In ancient Greek civilization, each of the athletes was allowed to perform athletic feats and exercises, the way he sees it right. And as those exercises started attracting spectatorship, the athletes were encouraged to incorporate elements of entertainment to their exercise routines as well. In all the Greek settlements, gymnasium held a crucial status. Gymnasium basically comprised of a courtyard that provided a space for athletes for wrestling, jumping and running. All of these exercises were also a vital part of military training.
With the rise of Roman Empire, the sole purpose of gymnastics changed to military training only. However, later during the reign of the Roman Empire, gymnastics saw a major decline. The foundation of modern gymnastics was laid back in early 19th century by two German physical instructors; Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, and Johann Friedrich GutsMuths. Both of them designed a wide variety of exercises for men and young boys that are considered to be the very initial form of the modern day gymnastics. The creation of very basic and initial models of the parallel bars, horizontal bar and the vaulting horse has also been credited to Jahn.
The internationally recognized gymnastics competition started being held following the foundation of FIG earlier in 1881 in Liege. Around that time, male gymnastics started getting enough attention to be worthy of being a part of Olympic Games that were held on the modern format for the first time in 1896. The first modern Olympic Games increased the popularity of gymnastics and from there till 1950s, gymnastics competitions were being held on international and national scale. Women started taking part in gymnastics competition back in the 1920s. For the very first time in history, gymnastics competition for women was staged in Amsterdam in 1928.
Since the international popularity of the sport, cheap gymnastic tickets are sought after whenever there’s an event featuring such acts. In modern times, gymnastics enjoys widespread fan following in different parts of the world. And near Olympics or any other sporting event featuring gymnastics, result in high demand for Gymnastics tickets.

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