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The music and entertainment industry is full of artists and stars. Each year new talent comes up and prove their capabilities and hard work. After they present their work in the form of music albums and live shows, the moment of truth comes as they are ranked among all the competitive artists. This is a very important aspect of being an artist. While some artists feel that the criticism is not good, others might learn from it and move ahead in their career. Other than that, it is a tradition that every year the best is chosen and announced, for every field in all the industries- commonly known as the awards. The awards are given to a particular person or a band or group. It’s mainly based on the feedback from the general public as they are the ones who listens to them or watches them. Today, numerous different award ceremonies take place all around the year. Awards give recognition and signify excellence towards a particular field.  

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CMA Awards

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CMA Awards Bridgestone Arena Nashville Wednesday
11/8/2017 3:30 AM
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About CMA Awards

Country Music Association Awards is an annual award ceremony which mainly honors the Country Music Artists and is primarily based upon the votes from the members of the Country Music Association (CMA).  CMA came into existence in 1958 in Tennessee. It was the very first trade organization formed to promote a music genre- the country music. The purpose for this organization was to enhance the popularity and development of the country music throughout the world. Initially the total members were 233 who were working for the organization. The members include people who are related to the country music industry in some way or the other. CMA is now more popular because of the CMA Awards ceremony that it organizes every year.

The very first Country Music Award Ceremony took place nine years after the inception of CMA, in 1967 at Nashville. The event was hosted by Bobbie Gentry and Sonny James and since it was the first effort, was not televised. The second ceremony, which took place in 1968, had a video recording which was aired on TV on NBC after a few weeks. From 1969, the ceremony started to be telecasted live. It takes place in either October or November each year and till 1971 was broadcasted on NBC. From 1972 till 2005, CBS broadcasted the program live. Currently, it is being broadcasted on ABC. The 2005 ceremony took place in New York and since 2006 it is being held at the Bridgestone Arena Nashville.

The awards are given for twelve categories. These include Best Entertainer, Best Female Vocalist, Best Male Vocalist, Best Vocal Group, Best New Artist (previously known as the Horizon Award until 2008), Best Vocal Duo (introduced in 1970), Best Album, Best Single, Best Musical Event (split off from the Vocal Duo award in 1988 as Vocal Event), Best Song, Best Music Video (introduced in 1985), and Best Musician. It has nine awards for the radio. These include Personality of the Year and Station of the Year which are both divided into four categories based on market size. The ceremony also includes different performances by the top artists as well as the newly emerged artists.

The CMA Award Ceremony is not just about entertainment or an occasion for country music artists to meet. It is full of information as well. It is a formal ceremony and many top artists are invited to it. It’s a very interesting ceremony, which is being watched by people around the world. People wait for this event to take place throughout the year. Watching such an amazing ceremony live would really be a dream for the music lovers. The excellent performances by the top artists make it more colorful and attractive. If you get a chance, you must not miss it and rush to watch the ceremony live. So get your CMA Tickets today and have an amazing evening!

CMA Awards, abbreviation for the Country Music Association Awards, pioneered in the year 1967. The first ever awards were held in the city of Nashville; capital of the U.S. state; Tennessee. Since Nashville has been nicknamed "Music City" due to it being the musical industry’s center, it was only rational that the CMA Awards were inaugurated at the Municipal Auditorium of Nashville. Though the first event wasn’t tapped and televised the second CMA Awards were tapped by NBC (National Broadcasting Company). The recording was then broadcasted on the channel after a few weeks of development and editing.
From then onwards, NBC was responsible for televising the Country Music Association Awards till the year 1972, after which Columbia Broadcasting Service took over the responsibility of tapping the ceremony. CBS underwent tapping till the year 2005, after which currently the awards are broadcasted on the American Broadcasting Channel network. Moreover, the CMA’s are usually held at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville with the CMA Awards being held here as well. So if you want to be a part of a star-studded night, be sure to purchase cheap CMA Awards tickets without any delay.
The CMA Awards 2015 will hold performances by superstar country singers such as Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley, Kenney Chesney, Little Big Town, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, Toby Keith, Willie Nelson and numerous more making a great lineup of performances. Said to be hosted by Toby Keith and Kristen Bell, the 2012 awards are a star packed ceremony with celebrities such as Kellie Pickler, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Sara Evans, Jake Owen, Ashley Greene, Denise Richards, Tony Hawk, Jordin Sparks and Dax Shepard presenting awards. Country music lovers are in for a big treat as this amazing lineup will create a memorable show that fans will talk about over the years. So get your hands on CMA Awards 2017 tickets and avail this once in a lifetime opportunity to share an evening with your favorite stars and celebrities.
The CMA Awards will present a total of twelve music awards and nine other awards for radio broadcasters. Over the years the CMA has changed and added certain titles such as the Vocal Duo Award introduced in the year 1970, Best Music Video Award that was initiated in the year 1985 and Best Musical Event Award formally added in the year 1988. Annual awards now include categories such as Best Entertainer, Best Musician, Best Female Vocalist, Best Male Vocalist, Best Single, Best Vocal Group, Best Song, Best Album, Best New Artist, Best Vocal Duo, Best Musical Event and Best Video Award. The categories of radio broadcasting titles and honors include Radio Personality of the Year, National Personality of the Year, Station of the Year and Best Host of a Nationally-Syndicated Show. You can also get to see which of your favorite country singers are honored by which of the following awards by being a part of the show. Buy CMA Awards tickets before they get sold out.
The CMA Awards also showcase brilliant musical performances by top-selling and chart-topping artists and though previously new artists performed their hits previously, this latter tradition has been excluded from the ceremony. For the past four years the ceremony was hosted by the multi-platinum country singers; Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, but this year’s ceremony goes away from the tradition of hosting country artists as host, by taking up Kristen Bell as the female hostess. The actress gained popularity due to her role as the lead in the hit movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Couples Retreat and Pulse. She has also gained massive popularity as being the behind the scenes narrator in the mega hit television series, Gossip Girl. Dare to become one of the spectators as the Country Music Association Awards bring something new to the stage this year. Remember to get your tickets way beforehand you finalize your night out.


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