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In this uncertain world, Joel Osteen has provided millions of people all over the world  peace of mind and the hope that things will always become better if they keep on believing in God. He is one of the most influential and popular preachers of the faith in the country with over twenty million people tuning in to watch his sermons each month.

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Joel’s father was John Osteen, who in 1959 started the Lakewood Baptist Church in a feed store in Houston. With help from Joel’s mother, the church grew in popularity across the region. During this time a television broadcast was also initiated to get their message across to as many people as possible. John and his wife hosted this show till his death in 1999 after which his son took over.


Joel brought with him a wholly different style of preaching than his father’s and used that to expand his audience. Soon after he took over, the church was moved to its current quarters, the seventeen thousand seating capacity former sports arena, the Compaq Center. The move was made in order to accommodate the ever increasing number of church goers.


Joel has become a highly influential religious preacher and his work is recognized the world over today. He is a multiple times New York Times bestseller and his show is seen by millions in over a hundred countries all across the globe. If you need some spiritual guidance from the man himself, then that time is now. Get your Joel Osteen Sunrise tickets and watch him preach live on stage right in front of you.


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