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Joel Osteen is known as the ‘America’s Pastor’. Along with his wife Victoria Osteen, he brings uplifting messages to millions of people around the world.  Apart from this, he has narrated five New York Times Best-Selling books and is nick-named as the ‘Smiling Preacher’. The Osteens are now coming to New Orleans for another live performance. Get hold of Joel Osteen New Orleans tickets to attend an inspirational night of worship, hope and encouragement.

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According to Joel Osteen, ‘The Nights of Hope is about inspiring people to get God’s best for them’.  This show brings a ray of hope in people’s lives by just making a connection with faith.  Together, Joel and Victoria preach that God is in control and can turn things around. The stronger your belief is in God, the easier it is to be positive about life. The Osteens held the first ‘Night of Hope’ event in 2009 in front of sold out audience. Their show’s success continues to date and has approximately 45000 people including over a 100 pastors in attendance.


The upcoming tour is planned for eleven cities across America. The event will feature Victoria Osteen, a special testimony from Joel’s mother, (Dodie Osteen) and their prayer time together. The Joel Osteen New Orleans tickets are up for sale and available at reasonable rates.